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  1. Its okay to play I suppose, haven't really put so much time yet. Mainly just an experiment, thanks to the poster below you I got started with this kind of modding. Another problem I'm having is that the combat art modifications don't work.. I think it's because at first I simply tried to replace the spells in the creature.txt, but then found out that most of the Temple guardians Combat Arts are hardcoded.. So I what I did next was simply copy-pasta the tokens from the spell I wanted Problem is, the combat art modifications don't apply to the spells that I am currently u
  2. Combat arts pic This is a modification of the temple guardian, I changed all of the combat arts to my own liking. Mainly summoning + attack speed arts. Aspect 1; Frentic Fervor Dashing Alacrity Rousing Command Battle Extension Combat Alert Aspect 2; Destroyer Protector Viperish Disease Zealous Doppelgange Instill Belief Aspect 3; Expulse Magic Soul Reaver Inexorable Subjugation Rallied Souls Nether Allegiance Anyways, my question is, How do I change the combat art descriptions? For example; I have replaced schoepfungsschlag with eife
  3. I'm glad you asked, but I'm not quite sure where to begin, so try and bear with me. You could go to Icemember's thread (in the works for Sacred2) for alot of details on this kind of editing. I'll mark anything you'll have to look up there with a "*". But some of the things I've personally experienced: First of all you need to edit creatures.txt. Find the hero you want by searching "SC_". This way you'll see a list of some unknown atributes for each class, and most important, the list of spells it has. It's all german, but I don't speak it, and I managed to translate the spell name (Hai
  4. well that sounds nice! Do you know if its possible to create a new character class? Also, could you please explain to me how you go about changing spells as you described. Are you saying that some bosses do respawn but some do not, or are you saying that after having used the respawn tweak no bosses or mini-bosses respawn at all?
  5. This mod does modify some spells, but only graphically. What are you implying?
  6. If you were able to find the texture file for the fog, then your could simply replace it with an empty file. But I do not know if, or where this file is located.
  7. Unfortunately no, there were two threads about it on others forums that I found. But nobody seemed to be able to get it done. If you find a way, please let me know. Flickering eyes you say? make screenie Let me know if the problem persists. I'm not sure. you can't simply overwrite all the files, because then you would also overwrite scripts that contain references that the cm-patch probably uses. Here's a method that should get it working properly; 1. Download and install this program WinMerge This file will allow you to merge two scripts file. ( those are
  8. Ok, I think I've solved the seraph armor bug, and hopefully others aswell. There were some bad references in the script files. Also, made the file downloadable from 3 different locations, to prevent links from dying too quickly. Let me know if there are any other problems. ~thx
  9. To be honest, I think this will work with any version of the game, I mean I see no reason why it shouldn't. I am playing with the gold edition, and it works fine on that, I have it patched to the lastest version. The textures really won't be a problem at all, since they simply replace existing objects. Same goes for the coding, as long as you stick to the instructions everything should be fine.
  10. Hello everyone, I've been lurking this forum a day or two now. After having collected several game 'tweaks' and texture mods from here and other places aswell. I would like to offer you all my mod compilation, that I will be using myself in advance; To all modders, thank you for putting effort into creating mods and sharing it with people on ze interwebs I apologis if I do not give proper thanks to the creators of the mods I have used in this compilation, there were really too many to keep track of, and at the time of downloading stuff I didnt think
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