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  1. What an incredible idea! I just love it! Fighting other heores will make the game much more exciting and pacifism skill will be more useful as well lol. It seems like a lot of work, hope you find help soon and thank you very much for this contribution I like the companion issue, specially the quest one because you don't lose any buff slot. It would be very cool (but I don't know if it could be possible, just a suggestion) if you could "control" your companion somehow. I mean, enhancing the CAs, choosing the skills, distributing the points and managing the gear. If that were possible, then
  2. Yes, and tactics is actually like a double lore for the SW, plus it also works for melee attacks, so I think that would be the best choice for me. Thank you!
  3. Well, speed lore can be good if you don't want to spend sockets on "chance to hit". If you have a good +skill bonus it's a good inversión.
  4. The thing is with + skill amulets and rings you can easily get + 200-300 to all skills, and then hard points after mastery lose importance, and maybe they're only useful to reach mastery and get the bonuses. However I don't think I'd spend 74 points in things like concentration or speed lore, at least not with a SW. I think I'll go "Tactics Lore FTW" lol
  5. Thank you for the warm welcome mates! Hope everything's ok with you as well It's been a long time since I last did something for the wiki. I've almost forgot how to do the set pages. I know there's a new DW one with the CM patch, that would help me to remember things EDIT: No silverfox, you ruined my training! Nice work! http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php5/Sacred_2:Remnants_of_Drizzt
  6. I'm playing a new SW, and I'm still planning the build. I want to get the most out of the hard skill points. I've always thought that if you aren't going to get a skill to the mastery it's useless to spend points on it, but when it comes to the already mastered skills, I don't know where to put my free points. I've heard that it's always good to have Constitution as higher as you can because it has a good bonus increasing rate. Which do you guys think are the best skills to boost after the mastery?
  7. @gogo: lol you see beaches everywhere mate! hope you get your air con repaired soon @knuckles: Middle age castles have always fascinated me. It had to be a completely different world. I remember when I visited the muslim palace of Alhambra in Granada and a royal palace somewhere in Madrid. They were awesome, full of pools, gardens and incredible rooms. Lovely, romantic places. @Storming: Too bad that I'll be only in my town in summer lol
  8. Wow! THAT is a relic! But... if there are 5 set pieces and only 3 relic slots... how do you wear the whole set?
  9. Nice to meet you nice! lol Welcome to Darkmatters, don't forget about the wiki and try the CM patch!
  10. Thanks gogo! Mmmm return to school... high school this time... I feel like a wee lamb going to the butchers lol
  11. Hello Darkmatters! After a cool summer now I'm back to Sacred 2 again, just trying the CM patch, so I won't "see" most of you until they release s3. Anyway, I'll be around the forums bothering you with my typical silly questions. Hope you all have had a nice summer with lovely holidays! Glad to be with you again! Munera
  12. I'm from a very small town in Jaen, Spain. Hornos de Segura if you want to google it lol
  13. hahah don't worry silver_fox. Actually, I think I owe you an apologize. I had to uninstall Sacred 2 a few months ago (you have to do sacrifices if you have a 70 Gb hard drive lol), and sometimes I think I'm a quitter. Seeing that incredible picture of yours I've remind of the good times playing builds in Sacred 2 and know I want to come back. It will take quite a lot to install the game again though lol. So if you need help with some pages or items please tell me By the way, what can I do to have the cm-patch in 2 languages? Oh and thanks a lot for the compliments, but it's nothing compar
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