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  1. Welllllll the Sacred Wiki map has it as Artemark's Refuge and that is where I got the name as I was not in the game at the time. Guess even the greats are not immune to misnomers.
  2. Every time my seraphim enters the tomb in Artamark's refuge almost everything ceases to move. She cannot walk around the inside of the tomb or open any chests, urns, gates or the sarcophagus. I can use Assailing Assault with the Ctrl key to move her from zombie to zombie to kill them but the zombies just remain stationary and do not fight back. I can't exit the tomb without saving and exiting the game. Anyone else run into this problem?
  3. She may be able to complete the relic quest without killing the momma bear. The main purpose of the quest is to get the teddy bear which is lying on the floor of the cave. After sneaking into the cave and killing the other bears in the lower chamber she can run into the momma bear's chamber while hitting Q to pick up the teddy bear and run out of the cave quickly. Momma bear will chase her only a short distance before turning back. It would be interesting to see if the dialogue changes when she gives the teddy bear to the little girl.
  4. There is a list of mini bosses on Sacred Wiki that require quests to activate them. The link to all the bosses on Wiki is: http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php5/Sacred_2:Bestiary
  5. Yah.. The name of the family is DeElfici... It's close... And you meant northEAST of Clearview.. Right? This is the place where light path players pick up the package for the soldier up in Artamark... Northwest would put you in General Delizius' camp - the rabid Blind Guardian fan with the drumsticks. I added a page called "Tyr-Lysia Graves and Memorials" to the Grave Inscriptions page. It'll serve as a catch-all for misc graves like the one you found. I'm basing this page on the Desert region catch-all page. Go ahead and add it there. See above.. I couldn't come up with any better name.. Yeah the names of the boss family members are DeElfici but their actions in both the light and shadow campaigns remind me of the Medici. And I had my camera turned so NW became NE. Good catch Wolfie2kx! Instead of having a separate page for each area why can't we have one on page titled Miscellaneous Graves and Monuments in Ancaria with the regions listed as headers above the found graves, pretty much the same format as the cemeteries page is now?
  6. The shrunken head equipped makes it easier to kill that type of opponent. I believe it increases attack value against that type of opponent which in turn increases chance to hit. It may also lower their resistance to spell CAs. I'll have to check it out next time I play one of my Dryads.
  7. Do we have a separate page with just individual graves in the Wiki? I noted a few earlier in this thread but didn't see them in the Wiki. There is another grave at the end of a cave in the Medici outpost NW of the military camp north of Clearview. The tombstone reads: "He was happily married - but his wife wasn't." P.S. As a side note the Medici were a powerful family in the middle ages of Europe who were notorious for their activity in politics, murder by poison and support of the arts.
  8. Since Flaring Nova is a Revered Tech CA you can put a bunch of points in it to do most of the damage. If you mod Radiant Pillar for hypnosis you can draw the mobs in towards you so that FN can hit them easily. FN emanates from your position while RP can be any distance from you so cast RP close to you. That also allows the second combo of SH and PS (both Exalted Warrior) to be executed within the radius of PS/RP.
  9. All that's left to say is welcome and enjoy!
  10. The halo is Flaring Nova. I don't use combat discipline but use two combos in succession. Radiant Pillar and Flaring Nova combo followed by Soul Hammer and Pelting Strikes to knock out any champions still standing after the first combo. I find that I don't always need the second combo and by using CAs from one or two different aspects at most first I can use two CAs of the same aspect in a second combo while the first is still running.
  11. Thanks! I bought the parts on Newegg last night, so I'm hoping it will arrive by Saturday. I have two huge exams next Thursday, but I want to build it this weekend hopefully so I can get it off my mind and then focus on studying I've never built a computer before, but I have 2~3 tech savvy friends here who are willing to help me. They want me to do the work though while they watch, to make it a learning experience for me. I'll post pics when it's done, assuming all parts are functioning and I don't zap anything! There are several good guides on Maximum PC's web site to building a system from scratch. Check them out as they give good tips and traps to look for when putting a system together. I had my killer system built by Origin. They are the same guys that started Alienware but left to start Origin when Dell bought Alienware.
  12. A couple of graves to the east of the that one a zombie pops up with the saying "Come on in. There's cake in here."
  13. Yes you can change the settings to just hit the number keys instead of right-clicking. You will find the option under the options menu of course. Also, there is an option to remap the keyboard to whatever keys you like.
  14. Has anyone noted the grave in the old ruins that are part of the "Old Friends" quest? It is west of the corn circles and northwest of the small cemetery where you go get the cat for the girl at the corn circles. The stone reads: Squirrels and a nut allergy don't go together. There is also a grave at the end of the cave due north of Twainbrook with an inscription.
  15. Any chance you are using the cm-patch? The implemented a pre-quest for the undead legion in it, you need to speak to the commander or something in the army camp just outside of clearview who tells you to find the woman you are looking for I believe. The sequence of events is thus if you don't have the CM patch: Talk to the commander in the camp in the south part of Thylisium and he tells you to go to the old naval port to get rid of some undead. Do that quest and report back to him. He tells you to take his attack plan to the council in the forum building for approval. The senator then send you back to the other part of the old naval port to kill the Lich responsible for creating the undead. After that talk to the woman in front of the tavern northeast of Thylisium on the road to Clearview. She sends you after several items to identify the undead skeletons then asks you to go back to Thylisium and give the info to another councilman. The councilman sends you back to the old naval port to find out where the dead are coming from. After talking to the leper at the port you talk to another commander at the camp in Thylisium who send three of his soldiers with you to kill undead officers at the port. When you report back to him he sends you to Clearview to talk with the soldier standing by the last house north of town. That guy sends you to check on his girlfriend who, in turn, sends you to check on her brother. After retrieving and returning her dead brother's amulet she send you back to her boyfriend who then send you after some of the undead legion. After killing about 10 of them you report back to him and get the quest to go after the undead General. Miss any one of those people and the quest is broken.
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