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  1. Right. Thank you both Flix and Gogo for the quick responses. That makes sense, and the animation does look cool, it'd be kind of a shame to waste it. I should note that the SW in my original post is only level 30-something, with rather low attack speed. I don't know how or if that animation would be affected by attack speed, if at all. A simple fix might be just speeding that animation up (less frames for each position) ? Don't know how technically viable that would be. Anyway, thanks for looking into this. -G
  2. Hello, Long time lurker, first time poster. First, I'd like to thank the CM-patch team and everyone in this awesome community for keeping this game alive and fresh. You do amazing work. Now for the issue at hand: Specifically when using scything sweep, my ranged shadow warrior's hellhound attack animation is by standing on its two hind legs, the same as when doing a melee attack. I noticed the same behavior using the two ranged weapons I tested (2h energy weapon and a throwing potion), while all other CAs used the much shorter ranged attack animation. While obviously not game-breakin
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