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  1. Add a paragraph of two and let's see where we go. Sorry for the late start this year. So busy. Amy walked along the sidewalk toward home. It was getting darker earlier and earlier and it was now dusk when she got out of school for the day. The crisp autumn air swept the dry brown leaves around in artistic wisps. The houses were decorated for Halloween. Amy could smell the pumpkins and looked forward to carving her own when she got home. She took a shortcut through the woods. It was only a block and it was still just light enough to see in the forest. The young girl listened to the creaking of the trees and watched the eerie shadows rock back and forth as the sun's dying light filtered through the branches. Birds flitted from tree to tree. Or were they birds? Their wings were a funny shape. Amy got the feeling that something was watching her. Probably just her imagination, right? Distracted, she tripped over a root and she and her books went flying. She got up, dusted herself off and started to pick up her books, but the feeling of a presence continued to grow . . .
  2. Easy: Correct Medium: Correct Hard: Hint - The character's name is repetitive and the movie recent (last couple of years).
  3. Easy is Babarella, Medium is Duran Duran, Hard, as previously noted, is Metropolis.
  4. Hmmm, no, I do not believe that I lurked. Rik (a/k/a Firefly) told me about the site before I really knew much at all about D.a.r.k. It was almost four years ago now, at a time when DarkMatters was about 6 months old, had just passed the 10,000 post mark (now over 150K posts), and I was the 175th (of almost 17,000) members. I think I am far more of a lurker now then I was back then. - Ike p.s. Well, except perhaps around Halloween.
  5. Just wash it down with a half-cooked Egg McMuffin and you'll be fine! - Ike
  6. GoGo: It depends a lot on the cats. Some cats are very territorial, others not so much. I have heard that orange cats are very territorial, but I have no idea if this is true. We got our cats together. They were littermates, so they have always gotten along well. My sister had a single cat (male) and recently got a pair of kittens (female), which were littermates. She kept the kittens in the bathroom/walk-in closet (quite large) for a couple of months and slowly introduced them to the older cat. Over the last couple of months they have learned to tolerate each other and even play a bit. As noted above, best to confine new cat(s) to a small area and slowly introduce them. You may consider getting a pair of kittens who are littermates. Not to seem morbid, but a 14-year-old cat is pretty old. Best of luck! - Ike p.s. If you get kittens, you *must* post pics. They are adorable!
  7. Julian found a crowbar and headed back up the stairs, his flickering light barely providing sufficient light by which to see. He was unsure that he really wanted to find that for which he thought he was looking. Once back in the kitchen, he hurried down the hall and up the stairs to the upper story. He had always thought that there was something odd about the walls on this floor, but never bothered to investigate, thinking it merely some oddity of building from this era. Now he carefully measure the walls and indeed they were thicker than nomal, about 8 inches thick. With trepidation, he jammed the crowbar into a seam in the wall and pried the plaster back. Dried and brittle bones fell out through the small hole he had made. As he pulled more of the wall down, more and more bones cascaded from within the wall. He stopped to look at a large piece of plaster that he had dislodged from shoulder height and saw scratch marks along the inside of the plaster, as if the victims were still alive when they had been sealed into their tombs. Julian had managed to rip out most of the upper walls when he heard the sound of the clock striking the quarter hour . . .
  8. Ugggh. Now I am getting political ads. http://googleads.g.doubleclick.net/pagead/...TzIIUdkMuE-Vxk4 Anyone ever wonder why I despise Google and never use any of their intrusive, track-your-every-move products:) Now you know. - Ike
  9. Julian inched down the stairs, with each one creaking beneath his weight. After six steps, the staircase turned left and descended again. What little light illuminated the kitchen was now gone and the small candle was the only source of illumination. After another six steps, the staircase again turned left. After a final six steps, Julian came to the bottom of the stair and he felt packed dirt beneath his feet. The dank smell was almost overpowering. He scanned what he could see of the basement with his sputtering candle. The room was approximately twenty feet on a side, and made of cinder-blocks. There was a large table in the center with chains and manacles on the corners. The manacles were covered with a deep red stain. As Julian backed away from the horrible sight, he tripped over something lying on the floor. Looking down, the light of the candle illuminated a human hand. It grasped a small peice of parchment between the thumb and forefinger. Not wanting to touch it, but fearing that it may be his only way out, Julian took the small scrap of parchment, which revealed a verse: Travelers from far and wide, Checked in to get some rest. The owners used the walls to hide, The remains of every guest. Julian remembered someone saying that the house was used as a guest house at one time and that rumors had circulated about the proprietors. He wished that he had paid more attention to the rumors, rather then shrugging them off as exagerations. At that moment, he heard the clock above striking the half hour . . .
  10. As the two arrived in the kitchen, Julian realized that the sound of the odd man's cane tapping was that of the seconds ticking away on a clock. Julian wrenched his mind back to the riddle he had found in the keyhole and ran over it in his mind. After long moments he finally said to himself "Mirror!" As the strangely-dressed man approached the sink with a crystal goblet in his hand, Julian's eye's fell on the mirror on the shelf. In it, he saw his own reflection but the space where the loudly-attired gentleman stood was empty. Julian thought back to stories he had been told as a child about different monsters and remembered that vampires did not have reflections. His mind raced as to how to fend off a vampire, looking furtively around the kitchen. Just as the man came toward him with the filled goblet, Julian's eyes fell upon the string of garlic cloves hanging on the back of a nearby chair. Grabbing the cloves, he shoved them into the vampire's face. The vampire let out an inhuman scream and recoiled, dropping the glass, which shattered on the floor, spraying its bloody contents across the floor. The vampire seemed to fade and spread out until it became a vapor and drifted out through a crack in the window. Breathing heavily, Julian looked down at the bloody floor and notice the outline of a trapdoor that was previously hidden. Feeling for a latch, Julian eventually swung the door up. A set of wooden stairs descended into the gaping maw of darkness. Julian grabbed a lit candle from the counter and began descending the stairs as he heard the clock strike the quarter hour . . .
  11. Uh, oh. Some new-age hippie took your crystals and made some lousy . . . Crystal Jewelry.
  12. Only one way to get rid of a safely, with a . . . Bomb robot.

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