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  1. There was alot off unthought synergis and unintended stuff I did. Translate into I probably had too much fun, and greatly unbalanced the game buffing raid partys. And being able to fascinate any moster cause off too low tier things inthe 3 sub class skill trees. I only go spell singer in Hardcore, the 2 other subclass are close combat with low defence skill. Warchanter are ice flavor close combat 1 or 2 h weapons + CC, too squishy for HC. Swashbuckler are 1 h + shield and close combat + coup de grace ( assasinate skill ) + CC, also too squishy for HC. Spell singer are caster + CC, ranged caster way safer. Or just fascinate stuff while invissible- if in trouble. Also the hp regen song and the sp regen song from level 8 / 12 and caster buffing songs.
  2. Currently playing DDo hardcore with my discord gang, mostly cause its free this summer. Doing a light caster FVS, since bards are hmm squishy for HC and need some proper gear and a steady team. Bards are mostly party buffers / CC, and not balanced for most people, cause off the nerfs to bards I caused over the last 12 years.
  3. bad in old server are so many like me have atleast 1 time completionist boosts and race completionist boosts and epic completionist boost. Meaning most stuff including nevest raid can be 2 manned by us on highest difficulty, so not many does party on thelanis. And it gets boring soloing stuff in a multiplayer game ... Get to level 20 then reincarnate to other class, rinse repeat 16 times, times 3 for true completionist. Then reincarnate to get all races done, and do it 3 times for true race completionist. Then get 30 and epic tr, run from 20 to 30 while recapping epic deeds, do that 9 times times 3. for true epic completionist. Ya theres a reason I got distracted alot by ddo, hehe.
  4. And my main on Thelanis are completionist did all 16 classes once and such. I got 21 chars on Thelanis, I play on 8, rest are storage characters or gimps / both. Thelanis: Bruized lee, life 19 - Favored soul level 15 stacking pastlife boosts on him. solo healer and light caster. Troubadix level 30 bard ( warchanter ) cc + dps. life 4. Wixen singer level 30 bard ( swash buckler ) cc + trash tank. life 4. dingelink klonk level 12 bard ( spell singer )cc + caster. life 2. Udgaars valkyrie purple dragon knight level 28 ( stalward defender ) main tank for raiding. first life. Dmolisher level 26 cleric ( radiant servant ) healer + turn undead. life 4. Dmolishertoo level 27 -> 1 level monk + 1 level rogue + 18 level ranger ( tempest 3), dual weap build + handwrap cleave build. life 2. Spelslinging medic level 30 FVS ( angel off vengence ) solo raid healer + light dps caster. life 3.
  5. p.s: DDO are F2P, with hmm alot off expansions to grind, nevest are only to buy for money rest can be grinded - but takes years. I got 90 % off all expansions for store points. I subbed for this game for 9 years in row.
  6. So far I killed my bard 1 time at level 6. Then I rerolled, since healing songs are needed for some quests on elite or reaper mode. I dont solo, I always run with my discord community or old DDO friends. No I never PUG, some people are just hmm not great to run with in a hardcore game.
  7. I got a level 6 favored soul, specialist healer type / light caster( Angel off vengence ). And a bard level 7 CC specialist. ( Spell singer ). All classes got 3 subclass hmm enhancement system that you can mix or go pure, depending on how you spend your points. Yes theres a high chance to gimp yourself, if you dont know what your doing , especially if multiclassing, It doesnt have PVP, so no classes are really nerfed to oblivion - some classes / multiclass are just stupid strong for some things. Like a turn cleric against undeads ( radiant servant ). level 20 is normal cap, then comes epic level from 21 to 30.
  8. Its dungeon & dragons online. Its hmm ruleset 4 or so, D&D. In my mind best multiclass build game made ever, I spend 10 years there on and off since level 10 was the level cap. Bad its singlecore gameengine. Oh and hardcore server are P2P only.
  9. Well I have been gaming ... Hardcore DDO off all games. Having tons off fun and died once so far. Bad : its P2P for hardcore server, game - engine are developped for singlecore and well got issues with modern computers. Good : Its hard core, great oppitunity to run with friends. Only 6 people reached level cap. Noone are completionist or 3ple completinist and such power creep yet.
  10. Ya I spend hours playing Pathfinder Kingmaker, best description are its like Baldurs gate 2 -> with a modern game engine. ( D&D ruleset 3. ) Besides that I beta test Subnautica below zero, got it for free since they wanted me testing it for boundary bugs and base build exploits. And some DDO raiding with Discord community on satturdays / sundays.
  11. Now doing hardmode as a wizard. Then ill probably try doing a bard and some other classes, cause I can and the story changes slightly depending on class and choices.
  12. Since last x-mas I have mainly been playing a classic rpg soloplayer : Pathfinder kingmaker, 3rd edition d&d ruleset. ( Its like Baldursgate 2 ) I complated normal difficulty with as much side stuff as possible in 504 hours, as a ranger. In my honest opinnion only bad are its singleplayer, it costs some dullars - but its worth it.
  13. Mostly playing singleplayer games now a days: Astroneer, jurassic World evolution, subnautica & some HMM5. Or just Goof around in Newerwinter online, doing boring campaign stuff. They dont releace new raids and such, so loosing interest in that one too. Most modern games are way too pvp/ pve oriented or just fps, which I dont like. I now and then do some DDo raids or LOtro raids with my discord friends. Not regularly cause they started playing Conan the thingy, which is also pvp / pve oriented - so I dont like it ...
  14. We had 3 months off high pressure, with no rain. From 2nd may to 31st july we had 13 mm off rain total. That resulted in 21 bushfires, so had a busy summer with 50 hour workweeks and alot off fires. Weather changed around 1st august to normal with rain now and then and only around 20 ish degrees celsius. From july all Brown including trees.
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