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  1. I appreciate the responses guys! Great to see you're still going strong here too GoGo!! I did see the Steam version and I nearly went for it but I'm an extremely stubborn old mule (ask my wife) and I fought and fought and I don't know how I did it but I got it to work. I don't know why I keep letting this game pull me in, lol
  2. Ok, I'm digging up this old thread because I'm trying to install this bloody game again (like an idiot) so many years later. I guess I'm just a glutton for punishment. So I got the main game installed and then ran it once. Then installed I&B pack. Now I'm trying to run it and I'm fighting the ridiculous SECURom garbage. I can't find the path for the ActivationRequest.dfa is located because of course running with one of my activation keys didn't work. Any help is deeply appreciated. I just want to be able to play a game I purchased over a DECADE AGO. EDIT: I try the manual activation and after adding the ActivationRequest.dfa to the activation page and entering the game ser # I get an error "invalid file size". I assume this occurs because the ActivationRequest.dfa file says it is 0 bytes. Just don't know what's going on here. I don't recall ever running into this.
  3. Yeah I was so blown away when I got the invite. No idea they were even planning the event. We all played the dev build of the beta at the time in the studio, heard the history of how they put the team together, just massive amounts of info and just incredibly fun. Top 3 best experiences of my life thus far
  4. Thanks for the help guys. I used to have all these oddities about installing, patching, and making the game "happy" so it will run but I've been away from it for so long those things slip away. But I know it is still one of my all time favorites regardless of all the problems. And yea GoGo, I have been playing games Been pretty heavily involved in Firefall, the game and the community. Got into it when Red 5 Studios announced it back in Sept. 2010 at PAX. Been a big part of the community over 2 years now. Got invited along with 19 other community members to California to visit the studio, party with the dev team, get to see the inner workings of a game studio and let in on a lot of secrets. R5 is a really awesome group, treated us like part of the family. Other than that, I have been into GW2, Torchlight 2 and Path of Exile. Have you guys checked out PoE? It reminds me a lot of the Sacred series. I think you guys would like it
  5. Hello all I have been getting the Sacred 2 craving back lately and am about to reinstall it. But I have been away for so long now, I am not sure of some things anymore. I have both the US and UK versions of the game but I'm going to install the UK version so I can run Ice and Blood too. I know the game will need patched, I'd like a little help though. I see a lot has changed around here. Where is the absolute best place or places to find patches? What are the must-have downloads for Sacred 2 UK? I did try some searching but couldn't come up with much. I really appreciate any help -Smitty EDIT: Something else, as I mentioned I have the Ice and Blood expansion pack. If I remember right I need to get my base game version from 2.0.2 up to 2.43, then do I install Ice and Blood and then 2.65.1 then 2.65.2?
  6. I'm a little late to this party, but no effing way you would get me climbing that thing! I used to work on cranes, I don't mind being up high is something secured, but just that climbing part at the top, GAH! lol Props to you, guys that do that sort of work do not get paid enough. I had no idea you were that bada$$!
  7. I'm a Diesel Technician, and I work at Freightliner here in town. Been there for around 6 months now, was at Truck Country prior to here for just over 6 years until corporate decided to close that store. Been turning wrenches on big trucks nearly 16 years now. I'm certified to work on Detroit Diesel and Caterpillar engines, But my heaviest training has been with the Detroits. I also work on Eaton automated transmissions, certified to work on air conditioning, all the electrical and electronics in the trucks too. I do lots of computer diagnostics, some of the problems can really make me want to pull out my hair! here's some truck pics! this is in my old shop here's on outside Freightliner, was just a really cool cloud formation
  8. I never played S1, wasn't into PCs when it was out. I got into Sacred 2 because I was losing my previous mistress, Hellgate:London. I have had so many problems with Sacred 2 I cannot even begin to go into details. Search the OF if you want to find all my problems. But I still have 3 or 4 hundred hours of game time in Sacred 2, although I never have taken a toon higher than lev 50 or so and never beaten the game. All my Sacred 2 problems have taken alot out of me on the franchise. I have not played it in a few months. Had I not had so many problems, I imagine I would have had 2000 horus in the game and beaten it many times by now. As far as S3, I will likely play it. But it won't be at launch. And hello everyone, I have missed you
  9. your server was in the greyed out group. So there must be enough of a difference between the two builds. there was quite a few pre-built servers for 2.65.2, but anything else was no-go.
  10. so is everyone playing on the 2.65.2 version, or the 2.65.1 still? I patched up one of my computers and got on the closed net and checked the 'all servers' box, and noticed a couple DARK servers with peeps on but still on the 2.65.1
  11. December 1st, 1974 Interesting tibits from 1974 Born in 1974: Leonardo DiCaprio-November 11th Alanis Morissette-June 1st Jimmy Fallon-September 19th Victoria Beckham-April 17th ---------------------------------------- The "Rumble in the Jungle" Muhammad Ali defeats George Foreman ---------------------------------------- Average Cost of new house $34,900.00 Average Income per year $13,900.00 Average Monthly Rent $185.00 Cost of a gallon of Gas 55 cents Average cost new car$3,750.00 ---------------------------------------- News events: •IRA begins bombing campaign on mainland Britain and bombs The Tower of London on July 17th and the Houses of parliament and pubs in Birmingham •Richard Nixon becomes the first US president forced to resign after the Watergate Scandal •55 MPH Speed Limit imposed to preserve gas usage US wide •Sears Tower in Chicago becomes the worlds tallest building •The largest series of tornados in history, hits 13 U.S. states and one Canadian province. By the time the last of 148 tornados hit early the following morning, 315 died and over 5,000 were injured. •Cyclone Tracy strikes on 25th December almost completely destroys Darwin, Australia •West Germany Wins 1974 World Cup in West Germany -------------------------------------- Technology •MRI Scanner( Magnetic Resonance Imaging } developed USA •After 84 days in space, the last crew of the temporary American space station Skylab return to Earth •Pocket calculators start to appear in shops
  12. Welcome fellow! I am in the US, but I play the EU servers only since the Ice and Blood patched for the EU only. All my toons start with {SotW}, see you around
  13. Great looking roster! Is it just the one page? Man, you guys need more peeps
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