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  1. Good point... but wouldn't a great 2-hander match what Thain's can do? Other than WIDD, ofc. Easier to upgrade, swap out, yada yada than the unique. True, but with a 2h I ouldnt have a shield for def and better parry
  2. I was planning to use fad's tho I thought of Ettol just that while farming for them I could use thain's axe which needs axe lore.
  3. So I found my way back to the good old sacred UW and thought why not try a perma vamp for good old times. But what I found out was that concentration reduces the CD of the left side skills when NOT in vamp form and bloodlust reduces CD for the right side ONLY. So my question is, since ill be in vamp form all times and ripping away, what skill should I take in place of concentration/bloodlust? Cuz I tested it that level 1 hard hit had the same CD when in vamp form, ith and without concentration and the same thing with bloodlust.
  4. I am planning on making a daemon that uses fire daemon as her main form, firewall as back up and wielding dual fadalmar's. But I would like to know what skil to take at what level? I know what skills to take but dont know when to take them. And for second how does dread work? How does it actually reduce the defence and do dreads stack with each other? And about Csaszar's guide to find the icon set. I figured it would be very nice on my new daemon so I made her (havent chosen any skills yet), raised her SB to 88% and tried finding them. Currently I have found only 1 piece and that was practical
  5. How do u make it work on boss monsters? Since from what I remember abysmal choir wont work on boss monsters(like the black bear in bellevue graveyard). Otherwise sounds interesting:)
  6. Talking about wierd builds. How' bout the undead army vamp? With a little twist ofc. Undead bunnies, spiders, dragons, sakkara demons, anducar mabye? And the chrysopras of blood moons could again pay off. Army of bears, deer and birds? Its and Underworld circus id say:P Thos 4 me, when I try "the general" build,the minions still disappear:S
  7. Hmm, interesting. Lots of little buggers that devour everything in sight? Sounds twisted and cruel Im in! Tho mabye some modifications. Mabye use CotA as backup, QaaF 4 spped, recuperation 4 heal and tranformation for Escaping meele? Sounds like Blizzard or Lloraneth set. Lloranet 4 fear animal or blizzard 4 ice dmg and +spells? I think blizzard wud still be better. And chrysopras of blood moons would pay off too. And 4 wep ettol bow? A bit to hel your little friends wouldnt be bad eh? And I think spiders are affected by charisma mabye? They do poison dmg, I think so +poison dmg/charisma coul
  8. Sure. Relmin's Protection U even posted there... ages ago
  9. Well, I had the chance to see the relmin's set teleport enemies vid(very awesome btw), but I still cant get it. Armour skill? Its uselessa anyways cuz BM's cant choose it. Or r we missing something? Mabye they wanted to put parry instead of armour or vice versa? And about the tele, anyone else seen it. I mean where do the enemies go. Like if I were to tele anducar wil he be teleported to somewhere unknown(land of rainbows and unicorns XD)? And it seems aimed 4 a meele BM' but there r better things that compliment a meele BM than this. Did they fail while doing the set?
  10. yes, yes I am from estonia. But the search on sb is giving me an error. Anyways, gonna look at the wiki. And hyas wolfe, you're website has helped me alot. Keep up the good work
  11. K, lots of info, hope my head does'nt overload *ERROR* anyways, prob im the only 1 with some other ppl, who still play Sacred UW (I got the UW and plus version, kinda 2 in 1), but actually I have'nt found sacred 2 anywhere in my country. So im gonna play this and make it as understandable to new players who might find darkmatters (and Wolfe's lair). K, going on a dig...
  12. Hehe, thnx u guys. Can alrdy feel the enthusiasm coming and I get it why gogo loves seraphim's. But schot, most of my items r sereish and talia mel,s. Got sereish helmet, wings, body and talia mel's greaves and armguards. Most of the other stuff r yellow labled. My survival bonus and SB is pretty high. (magic find is 52, and SB is 80%).
  13. Digging up the grave (the last post here wK, get the idea of being unique, but rly raane's is better I think. As 1. it gives a good bonus to all Combat Arts, skill bonuses and Permanent HC. Best set 4 a glad in my eyes (Tho its just my opinion). Well DW is good in my eyes and if not using dalmar's id go 4 sword lore. Aarnum's is good 4 casters, and lots of other good swords r there too, tho double fadalmar's sounds fun. (pyromaniac here I come). Other sounds quite good to me. But this is still a thought, cuz I havent played alot of glads (only 1 actually). So does my version sound even a bit g
  14. What is SB? What do we know abput it? NOTHING, at least I havent found a guide in Darkmatters or even in Wolfe's lair (awesome website ). So post here all your knowladge and thoughts about SB and we'll put up a guide about it. Or if u already know a good guide about it, post the link here. My theory: SB is like luck in most games - a pointless attribute that affects everything and I mean EVERYTHING in the game. So the bigger it is, the bigger the affection. So what does it affect? 1. Resistances - ive seen my resistances increase with more SB 2. MF - magic find. More sweet drops from
  15. As my dear beloved seraphim, the queen of light, the goddess of smexyness, hell on heels Jeanne D'Arc. She is a hybrid, still searching 4 sereish pieces (both). And she finished UW in silver and went to gold! As she entered the UW at 37, she came out 56. Now she's in her 60-s. But I mostly wanted a bit guiding, as she is my only char who made it that far (yes, I am hard to entertain XD) and like what to do now. She's in SP ancaria, gold. EDIT: PS. IM putting up a topic aimed 4 SB-Survival Bonus. So post there anything u know about SB, what u think it is and so on...
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