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  1. I just noticed that some items(Not all, but most) in version 3.1 Addendum have an additional attribute, such as Hitpoint Regeneration +xx/s, Light Range +xx/m... etc. This item attribute does not exist in previous versions and sacredwiki. Because of this, there are multiple Light Range +xx/m item attributes superimposed on the body, causing the game screen to be overexposed.
  2. Screenshots of the same characters in different versions of the game.
  3. I also keep the full version 3.0 Addendum Extra integration (the regular version of 13 skills is not kept, probably it is the latest before version 3.1 released, as of January 30, 2023, I see no update yet). In previous versions, neither of the above 2 issues existed. I compared the SHA1 values of the 3 files you said, only sacred2 .exe is different. I tried to replace the previous version file to version 3.1 released, because I don't have much time today, so I only played the game for about 20 minutes, and no crash occurred, but the screen overexposure problem still exists.
  4. I have posted the dxdiag .txt test results above, you can see that all the drivers are up to date, I already installed Sacred 2 based on CM 1.6.0, don't need steam to seting and launch the game.
  5. No. I checked the game SYSTEM folder and there are no such files. I just unzipped the downloaded file package from your Google Drive and didn't add any files myself.
  6. only test on Extra The game will be randomly freeze/crashes.
  7. test both on Addendum & Addendum Extra If my character has multiple items with Light Range +m, when entering the games or witching scenes in game(e.g. from the ground to underground caverns), there is a high probability (not a 100% chance) that the game graphics will be overexposed. Remove these items from character and put them in backpack, game graphics becomes less dazzling, but it seems to be too dark, not a normal color.
  8. Unfortunately, I just lost this save due to my mistake. Fortunately, I still have an lv200 test char original backup without adding any attribute points and skill points, Keep the Survival Bonus = 98.9%. There are 99x each runestones per CA available in the shared box, and I have opened all the teleportation way-points on the map, which may be helpful for testing? https://mega.nz/file/CYw2jQQL#wgUnlmfWcCoTQhM-k-WIlZc36jufId6zsT_2IORR1mI
  9. Can you tell me which file it is related to? I can try to replace the old version with the new version of the file to see if it is compatible. If not, I will upload the old version of the relevant files to see if there is a possibility of changes.
  10. I found that all the bosses marked Undead (looks like a zombie, can be respawned, need to repeat a few times to kill it) are very prone to crash the game
  11. "All relic slots are now active at all times." I really like this change, is there a way to just graft this feature into earlier versions or even CM1.60?
  12. The standard addendum version will also crash in the same area. This time I took a screenshot to indicate the specific location.
  13. same as http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23302-dimitriuss-cm-patch-addendum/&do=findComment&comment=7133834

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