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  1. Check http://mp4nation.net/ If you want to see some cool devices being imported from china.
  2. I use Myanimelist.net Here's a link to my profile This site has an App that automatically updates your profile while you watch your anime. Since I'm following 11 series at the same time it helps a lot to keep track of where I am, and if I take a break from a series I won't loose my spot.
  3. My main pc and my laptop uses Vista Ultimate 64 bit and has not had problems running "32bit" applications. The only problem I've had is using 64 bit application designed for the 64bit OS. My educated guess as to that the problem, is the lack of development and support for such applications. Stick to normal applications and you shouldn't see a difference. I give 2-3 years before 64bit becomes standard. Sacred2 runs well on both systems and drivers are all supported Note: When buying new devices . Research the availability of a 64bit driver... the store clerks aren't bright enough to tell you which device is 64bit OS ready. Note 2: the new i7 intel cores look interesting May laptop is running 4 gigs of ddr3 and the PC is running 6 gigs of ddr3 EDIT: Oh and from what I understand and read... avoid XP 64bit like the plague
  4. Eds with his father in the real world, and Al comes back as a 10 year old. Don't know how the plot will go from there. Maybe I should get my hands on the manga. We haven't had cable at home for 10 years. So I haven't watched anime on "tv" since DBZ and Pokemon
  5. FMA is starting a new season in April. I'll be definitely following this series. Its going to be fansubbed by the new guys doing Naruto Shippuuden, Taka Fansubs.
  6. One thing that would cause pay-pal not to accept the order is billing and shipping address not matching. This was my problem with 365games, initially pay-pal refused my order when I used my work address. And with my home address no problem were encountered.
  7. The site I ordered from did not give me a tracking number
  8. Been 5 days, and nothing yet , Hoping its here by Friday.
  9. With very little time I'm looking for a subscription free MMO game to play online in which I dont feel like I'm losing my money because I can only squeeze in 4hours a week. No convincing needed and a quick link from gogo to a UK version of the game I should be joining DM online within the next week.
  10. We just bought a new comp. When we buy comps we require a minimum of 5years usage quadcore intel 2.5 ghz nvidia 8800 gts 4gigs of ram bluray/dvd drive 2 500gigs hardrives and Vista So far no problems vista and my xp comps are talking, and gaming has been amazing ( ran crysis with almost max settings) Granted I'm not used to Vista, but so far its been fairly easy to figure out. Though I prefer XP ( I dislike change ) due to comfort issues.
  11. Crunchie

    Quiting Uni36

    Since I'll be back in uni9, Uni36 is one too many 8 colonies 7 of which are 190fields+ No clustering Spread from gal1 to gal8 Will be Vaced and deleted in 7days Have fun in Uni36 Crunchie (BSG in game)
  12. Just letting everyone know im back, and my ingame name is BSG. I'll be working on cylops account increasing mine, moonshooting, and planet relocation
  13. *Picks up the towel and Waves* I'll take up the account again and quit Uni36. I'm back in school and no longer working 40hours a week and have access to the internet 18+ hours a day. And, for the next sixth months my u13 account is being run by a friend so uni9 would be my main till august. Id like to continue developing my mines and moon placement. And I'll try to Fs in g7, unless Bandanna actively scans you? I know your account by heart and like to give it another go. PM me with details Please. Crunchie
  14. Offtopic I know but.. There was no story between me and blade, I crashed white shadow 4-5 times for huge profit I might add (im sure cyclops can vouch how careless that guy was). One day I decided to not be lazy and mass probed everyone who was not an ally, What I was warned for was, not to scan Blade again. White shadow most likely probed for Blade because I had no idea he was hunting me. Finally the night of the crash I was home 5 hours later than I planned so boom went the fleet and White shadow helped with the followups. Ontopic: Borg has done all the right things to become a member. He posts, hes friendly, has absolutely no bad blood in uni9. Don't repeat history and alienate another great guy because you're afraid he'll "leak information". Im posting now because I regret keeping my mouth shut concerning our old spawn friends and the dawn split. Give Borg a chance. If I was still playing uni9 I'd vote yes. Edit: Oh Ike, I appreciate that you took what Blade said with a grain of salt. I should have defended myself on the Hof board but did not respect Blade enough to post on his thread.
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