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  1. FFIII is the best console RPG I've ever played. Man that game is good...
  2. Hi all, My buddy and I were looking for a new RPG to play multiplayer. I was just wondering, does the multiplayer in Sacred 2 work fine for Americans? I just wanted to be sure, thanks.
  3. My concerns exactly^^ The graphics are obviously way better than D1, but it is dark and gritty like Diablo 1. This is a good thing, as I prefer a dark/horror atmosphere to ARPGs. The skill system in this game sounds like it's gonna be a lot of fun to play around with: http://pathofexile.com/world/skills Can't wait.
  4. Hello, I'm from the U.S. and someone recently told me about Sacred 2. I usually buy games from Steam but I noticed they don't have the Ice and Blood expansion or the gold version that you guys have a link to on this site. I guess I'm just a bit confused. Which version of the game should I buy?
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