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  1. yes that would be amazing. I have been watchin this topic forever now. kinda hate to see it end. thanks wolfie for all your hard work.
  2. what about the Scourge of Lordaeron set for the shadow warrior? I havent seen that on here. and thats a set that I would REALLY love to check out. also the power of NIF could be uploaded as well. thanks so much. -edit- I have been checking and there is alot of CM patch items that are not available for download. is there a certain reason for that?
  3. I have been patiently and eagerly awaiting your new posts wolfie. I subscribe to your downloads thread so I know when new stuff is on there. cant wait for SW sets!
  4. yeah, im also still wondering whats goin on with this awesome armor. in the patch or what:)
  5. hate to post again so soon. but I have a problem now. I modded the balance for more enemies. editing the spawn and creatures .txt's. I edited them just as this guide says. only thing is now there are extremely too few enemies. ill see 3 or 4 every couple of minutes. I know that cant be right. whats going on here:)
  6. thanks for this. although I am also having trouble figuring out how to raise the run speed.
  7. ok what I did to fix was simple. so simple I didnt think of it at first. I just made a new txt and copied all the original to it and replaced with the custom settings(after making backup saves of course). solved. thanks for the help though guys!
  8. every time I try to change something in my balance.txt or similar iget an error saving. anyone have any idea why? I use windows 7 btw.
  9. ok im going to updae this since I got the ice and blood experience. My new fav place is the entire blood forest. man I love it. Im already a HUGE horror geek and the music, zombies, the rivers of blood and overall setting made me fall in love with that place. plus all the mobs make it easy to level up there. great expansion!
  10. thanks schot! anyone recommend a place to have this printed for a reasonable price?
  11. god I would LOVE to get one of them from you!
  12. Schot thanks for mergin my topic from earlier with this one. I will also be anticipating the new map so I can take it somewhere to get printed. I got the perfect spot right next to my cpu for it. plenty of room too.
  13. I wasnt sure where to put this. is there a way to actually save the map from sacred wiki with all the legends on it? I am going to have it custom printed and put on the wall right next to my cpu. I hate having to minimize Sacred 2 to look at a map online. not only would it make finding things easier, but it would look friggin awesome as well. thanks lildozer74
  14. I too would be interested in something like this.
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