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  1. Hiyas everyone! As a long time ally/supporter of all things D.a.r.k, I need to ask this question... Who tha hell are ya? As I am doing my daily travels aroung Universe 9, I often come across a D.a.r.k player. When I do, I smile and say to myself, "Aww there's an ally I can trust and call on if required..." Then I read the player's name and I'm like, "Holy Hannah! Who are you:)" Sooooo, here I am begging intros from all the new players in D.a.r.k I am Arianna (Ari), I started in Uni 9 the day it opened and was in Spawn from that day until I retired (the first time). I have retired from Uni 9 a lot of times (yeah I am good at quitting smoking too, I do it all the time ) I am currently playing an account which was with D.a.r.k for a number of years (thanx Ja Foste - I'm loving the mines ) Ogame annoys the crap outta me, but I can't help coming back. Feel free to PM me ingame for anything...
  2. OMG! So much has happened since I last posted here... I quit ogame about 6 months ago. I thought I was clear, then bang - I got a small craving to crash a fleet, phalanx a planet, stay up til 4am waiting for my recs to get back... And here I am, back in Uni 9, playing ogame again hehe I noticed some new names in DARK on the ogame statistics pages and some old DARK names not in DARK or not in ogame at all! Who is still playing? For now I am playing Snakebite's old account (currently named "Anais"), but am hunting for a better account. I trust you are all well? Love Ari
  3. Thanx for the deut guys, I have all I need, for now... Feel free to pm me ingame if you have any to trade in the future Cheers, Love Ari
  4. Heya ppl, I am in desperate need of deut. I have 1 mill xtal and 3 mill metal - I would love 2.5 mill deut for this. Please msg me ingame if you can help. Cheers, Arianna
  5. I don't know how many of you are watching the war thread, but so far 4Q is kicking ass We have gone from 2 original members to 10, most of which are well known, good players. The support we have got is unbelievable I have asked that no 4Q member attack/probe DARK for the duration of the war, as a personal favour to me. Please let me know if any of them do... If any of you have spare IPMs, please feel free to lob them at PAX members... Any help is welcome, especially with the break down of their shells. Cheers guys, Ari
  6. I have just received intel from a reliable source that PAX was about to declare war on DARK, when 4Q declared on them. Just thought I'd give you guys the heads up Cheers, Ari
  7. Ok cool!! Thanx guys Good to see DARK is still kicking in Uni 9!
  8. Igs and I have started an alliance for the sole purpose of going to war with PAX. We have no particular reason for this, other than cos we can We are throwing out invitations to alliances we trust to lend us members that are interested in joining us temporarily. If you are up for a bit of war, then apply to 4Q now If you don't want to join us but can lend support in other ways (phalanx, esp reports etc), please feel free to PM me ingame... Thanx guys... Love Ari (Arianna ingame)
  9. Heya guys, Just wondering who in DARK is still playing Uni9?
  11. Hope you are keeping well sis...miss ya and I'm coming to irc to get you muwahahaha

  12. Hi and welcome Borg Borg of ex-TLA fame? If I remember correctly, you commented on one of my planet names, back in the days of the Spawn/TLA three million year war Head over to the bar, but watch out for the green faerie, she bites (in the most delightful way)
  13. It must be nice to know Prince Charles is on your side Gogo Prince Charles suggests McDonald's ban I have not eaten at McDonalds (or any other fast food chain) for 5 months and I don't miss it a bit! Down with McDonalds!
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