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  1. You're Welcome I stopped playing before I hit 200, although I'm chopping at the xp bar intermittently now and I'm 147. You will go through some rough patches in Platinum where you just aren't killing fast enough to make all that defense worth it, but those levels pass, and you just do the best you can to adjust your skill point allocation and attributes. Adjust some equipment to lower regen times and eat a few more runes or find some better weapons and then you're back on track within 10-20 levels which are easy enough to come by. Also, if you have Ice & Blood... I've been told t
  2. Sorry guys, I stopped playing for a while, but I'm back at it. I'll try to edit the original post later, as I need to at least link to Qwalens post for clarification, and I'll make the combos I use more clear, although they are in there. Combo 1 - DB / FR Combo 2 - SS / FR Combo 3 - KS / RC ( duration buffs) Non-Combo 4 - I mostly keep Augmenting Guidon here, but switch it out for beligerent vault when I need that. Also, while I seem to be notorious for late answers... The problem with FR hitting is sometimes due to the "chance to recharge" mod, if DB happens to activate the rechar
  3. Yes I'm using the CM patch, its not made a difference to the crashing though.
  4. I'm following this build with my Shadow Warrior, so far very pleased. Does anybody know the exact list of combos to use with this build, as its not 100% from the first post?
  5. If its this patch you mean, I've tried it 4GB Game Patch I see you have a soundblaster, have you tried adding - skiponal to the end of your sacred2.exe shortcut? it has something to do with soundblaster? Yes I've got this added along with -nocpubinding neither seems to make a difference. Its strange I played for about 3 hours this morning, no crashes, then when I go to log out of the game, it crashes the system, couldn't even force quit. Yesterday it had a minor crash in game where the game froze, was able to F8 back to starter island and it carried on playing without a
  6. I have the Gold Edition and am using the latest Patch V2.65.2
  7. Oh how I long to play Sacred without any issues. My system is: Windows XP 32 Bit, Intel Core 2 2.66 mhz, 4 GB Crucial Elite DDR 800 ram, Nvidia 470 GTX (femi card), Sound Blaster X-fi, Sacred 2 Gold edition I'm getting a freezing up problem that seems common and I'm starting to wonder if there's actually a fix or if I'll just have to live with it. Basically game runs fine, I think the problems gone, then every now and again (usually after long play period), the game just freeze's, you can here it in the back ground but the graphics lock up on the current screen and can't
  8. Thanks for the replies Chattius / Furian, things are making more sense, but the more you learn, the more you realise there is to learn. Furian, yes a complete guide would be awesome. Can't vouch for others but personally I probably need something like "Dragon Mages for Dummies". I found this guide for inquisitar which seem very comprehensive, but so far other then Chattius excellent thread, guidance on builds seems a bit space, probably because its the newest class!
  9. Furian that would be great, I've really been looking hard to find a comprehensive guide, I've seen some very detailed posts for other classes which give you a step by step on how to build their character, combos etc, but Dragon Mage info seems to be a bit lacking a wee bit. Thanks for helping and look forward to reading your post later. Ok I'm somewhat new to the game and trying to understand the elementalist build you describe, so I can get my build exactly as you describe. Please can you answer the below questions to ensure I do this right: 1) Is this build for an end game
  10. Ok I'm somewhat new to the game and trying to understand the elementalist build you describe, so I can get my build exactly as you describe. Please can you answer the below questions to ensure I do this right: 1) Is this build for an end game dragon mage, I.e. level 200 or will there be more points made available that will make the above build obsolete later in the game. 2) What order do you take the skills, I.e. in what order and at what level? I don't believe they are listed as I should take them because you can't take focus before lore. 3) I'm not sure which modifiers to take on
  11. We'll I've tried the above and unfortunately the game is still crashing in the same manor, freeze's up when your bring the map up or similar.
  12. Thanks I'll try as you say and disable the physx in the nvidia control panel. I have physx and elite graphics, and it was crashing evening without them selected. I do feel the physx adds a lot of immersion to the game and my graphics card can handle it. I don't think its the issue though as my brothers having the exact same crashes, using an ATI card. I'll also add the settings to my optionscustom.txt file. Thanks for advice, I'll report back the results.
  13. We'll I've been playing Sacred 2 about a month and I love the game but the crashes are getting me to the point of almost quiting the game. I'm tried googling for solutions but nothing I've tried seems to work, so am hoping the good folks here can point me in the right direction. Here's the summary: Windows 7 . Installed game, patched to latest version. . Tried running with various graphics settings but crashing persists. . Tried -nocpubinding as well as -skipopenal but crashing persists. . Tried defragging game, tried with openal, but crashing persists. . give up and install x
  14. Thanks for the info, yeah I've had a good browse through the forums, and it seems modding is fairly limited. I'm playing a multiplayer lan character with my brother, so not sure if the CM patch / CIsacred will work.
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