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  1. Hehe... Dealt with the wind chill myself, though it somehow didn't feel too bad. Probably because I drove to work and overcompensated with the layers. ;p Minus twenty with windchill, then it warmed up the following day to minus eight. Honestly, Toronto tends to be either very mild, then suddenly freezes you to death out of nowhere.
  2. Feels like a heatwave in TO, thank you very much.
  3. In this case, I uploaded the sketches here instead of direct linking them like I usually do. DA has changed from the inside, so to speak, and I think that was what effected the links now, and likely what has happened even before then. Combine that with the changes to this forum, and poof. So I guess from now on I'll just upload the thing. Much easier anyways. At any rate, thank you for being my number one fan.
  4. Yeah... it worked before, but I think I know what might have happened. Can't do anything now; shall have to do so when I get back to my PC. EDIT: OK, it's showing up now... but hopefully it stays that way.
  5. OK, been neglecting this for too long. Time to update. Chim Mui-Hoi (Formerly named Mei) in female and male clothing: Hoi Fa (Fomerly named Mizuki): Zhi-Jung (Formerly Masako):
  6. Never saw the anime, but I did read the manga version of Elfen Lied. I do know for a fact that the two are fairly different from each other, with the manga version taking a more darker tone from what I recalled. I also believe the anime version has cut out some parts, though don't quote me on that one. That said, I don't know how I feel about Elfen Lied. There were moments I liked, as well as characters that ended up growing on me. On the other hand, I was 'meh' in the end after reading it, and I can't explain why. Also, it's been a couple of years and though I've seen some episodes,
  7. OK... here is what I'm currently listening to: Even if you're not into wrestling, especially of the WWE kind, there's something to appreciate when a fan puts his heart into his covers.
  8. Mizuki and Gage: Mizuki: "Oh, oh, look! Over there! There's a condor!" Gage: "..." Mizuki: "Oh, oh, look, it's landing on the tree! See, see!?" Gage: "..." Mizuki: "Hey! You're not looking! Why aren't you looking?" Gage: *mutter* Mizuki: "What did you say?" Gage: "Your fat thighs are in the way." Mizuki: "..." (And suddenly, the world grew cold. Happy New Year!)
  9. Good. Don't know why it didn't work the first time. And I suppose 'impressive' is an understatement. ;p
  10. Y'know, I just decided to randomly come to this thread just because. Wasn't expecting to leave this with a craving for garlic ice cream.
  11. Did not see it in theatres, but saw the premier online anyways. Pretty good episode, given the storiesbeing set up for the rest of the season. I am particularly looking forward to seeing Raven again for the messed up family reunion to follow. I would also like to think this will be the season team RWBY will reunite as well. Of course, to tide me over before that was RWBY Chibi, and while I think last season's batch of skits were overall better, this season was still pretty funny.
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