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  1. Welcome aboard! I say start with CM (mandatory IMO) and see how it goes. You can always add more later.
  2. Escort quests can be a pain. IIRC, you can heal NPC's with potions and CA's (e.g. Hallowed Restoration). You might also check the wiki for the specific quest. The write-up there might have tips.
  3. Exactly right. My two nephews are XBOX guys and I do Playstation. We all play D3, but can't hook up. With D4, I should be able to play with you guys on PC and them on XBOX.
  4. They're planning for cross-platform, so that's a most definitely!
  5. Hmm, interesting... A strong maybe. Have to see how a melee Rogue looks vs battle-mage Sorcerer.
  6. The biggest hurdle I see (excluding Steam, don't know much about that one) is getting the input devices to talk only to the current instance of Sacred 2. I wonder if using VM's would help? I guess that might also help with Steam, depending on what it's checking.
  7. Interesting question. I've had two games running before, but never tried to have them both active at the same time (I just ALT-TAB between them). IIRC you can play in windowed mode, but I don't know about getting both active to receive user input.
  8. The poutine pic is mine via my digital SLR. The home fries pic is from the web.
  9. You can see the golden brown plantains around the edges of my bowl. Plantains (green & ripe) appear frequently in my kitchen. I can't recall the last time I did anything with a white potato.
  10. I fry the plantains. I slice them about 1/4-3/8" and fry in a cast iron skillet. Five minutes per side and serve. I end up with something that vaguely resembles home fries.
  11. My riff on poutine (which I've never even seen IRL). Green plantains, mushroom gravy and extra-sharp cheddar.
  12. The song says, "Rock and roll never forgets" and neither does Sacred 2. Welcome back!
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