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  1. Closed Net. Silver (only just got the game recently) Steam account; GoNk6692
  2. hey thanks for that Schot yeah I have steam go ahead and add me; GoNk6692 look forward to playing with some of you guys
  3. I can play like most days apart from thursday and fridays monday tuesdays and wednesdays the most, from about 2 in the evening onwards cool just PM me when you wanna play and hopefully ill play with you oh and I play any but hardcore closed net mostly and SP (ofcourse)
  4. Oh yeah true.. I'll stay singleplayer for abit until I can think of a server and character name lol
  5. Does anyone wanna play online with me? I currently only have a level 3 dryad on MP as I only just got it for pc but yeah it would be cool to actually play online with some of you
  6. hey yeah thanks man, I kinda know where I went wrong im downloading it now if all goes well I'll be happy when this is done haha Thanks for all your help
  7. EURGHHH what? just downloaded the first patch, the 'Release UK 2.11.2' and it says 'Sacred 2-Fallen Angel could not be located on your system.Re-install Sacred 2-Fallen Angel and then run this patch again.. :| WHY?
  8. thanks for the info about the patch's ill install them right away, and I'm a level 4 dryad haha, need larger font still though >_< yeah ill pm you dude, like monday or so when I have time spare
  9. no I don't have ice and blood expansion yet.. im wandering what patches would I install? :\ and how would I make the ingame text larger? thanks, sorry for being a nub
  10. ok thankyou do you know how I can get the text ingame larger?
  11. hahaha thankyou man hey are there any patches that I need to install? all I've installed so far is the two discs, should I install the 'ELITE GFX' cd? thanks
  12. I have some experience in sacred 2 on xbox, now I've moved to pc correct decision, I hope so!
  13. oh nah this is the first time I decided to use LL% weapons I've had the game a while now its probably my favorite xbox game ever XD
  14. Wheyyy im glad somebody told me about this update, I was wondering for ages where my additional damage was D: yeah I have 1.2% LL at the momment can't wait to get higher and to get my celestial set :D:D:D
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