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  1. Edit: These are items I can also trade for armor I need Added items Armor: Chestplat of fury-level 20- seraphim Denderan's Skirmish-level 45- Shadow warrior Velaria's Pantaloons-LvL35- High elf Helmet of T-Energy-level 30- Temple guardian Wings of Revenage-level 35- Seraphin Halgrim's Steadfastness-level 40- Dragon mage Greaves of justice-level 25- Seraphim Sofia's Protection-LvL35- Seraphim Fate of Celestial-level 30- Seraphim Wristguards of Dusk-LvL20- Seraphim Weapons: Kuan's Pride-level 27 1h sword 2 slots Runes: Acute mind-Dryad x5 Ancient bark-Dryad x1 Tangled vine-Dryad x1 Yes I spent the day farming about 8 hrs total and all the seraphim gear posted I have doubles in the bank. What can I say I like farming Thanks again Mort
  2. Think I fixed it I opened port 6800 on my router and tested it out so far so good nice to have a fully operational game
  3. yes closed net, thanks Knuckles forgot their is open and closed net.
  4. If your a SC player and want to group up for adventures post here with your character name and time zone. Archangel Gemcrest (florida EST) Mort
  5. Good idea I'll see if I can get something started would be nice to get SC players to get together and have fun kina like a normal mmo. Mort
  6. ok I was thrown a curve ball today. At first I had problems when I first installed sacred 2 (uk ice and blood version) than it was fixxed. Now I have another problem. The past few days playing sacred 2 non stop on closed net had no problems. Farming the white griffin boss on a free server and leaving than rejoining every 5 min for hrs had no problems. But now I get to the lobby and the channel wont connect. Sometimes I'm just looking on the fourms and my character is just standing their and I lose connection. Not sure why it's doing this. At first the lobby and channel would load in seconds now its like pulling teeth any ideas? I dont have any ports open on my router for sacred 2 maybe thats it I dunno. Again comming to you sacred 2 guru's for help Thanks again Mort
  7. Hello fellow sacred 2 peoples, I'm in need of a few items been farming the griffin but he is out of loot?! If possible I would like to set up a trade item for item if I have to I'll even add gold to the pot. Armor needed Endijian's Artifacts: Endijian's Boots Endijian's Bracers Endijian's Leg Guards Endijian's Wings Twilight of the gods: Holy Protection Infinite Revenge: Light battle plate Shoulders of guilt I would really really like to complete the Endijian set cause thats going to be my boss farming set. I would like to get everything I posted not sure if it will happen but my hopes are high. Items for trade: Armor: Wings of revenge-level 20- seraphim x2 Endijian's sash-level 19- seraphim socketed with +4 attack +4 defence and enchanced perception Endijian's Pauldrons-level 15- seraphim Detheya's greaves- level 15- Dryad Pyx's arms of might-level 15- dragon mage Torik's buckle-level 30- dragon mage Helmet of agony-level 20- dryad Helmet of the halo-level 35- seraphim Prototype ca 333-level 35- temple guardian Headgear of graves-level 35- shadow warrior IIgard's assurance-level 30- Inquisitor If need be I can add couple of weapons to to pot as well. Weapons: Impaler of hero's-level 14- 3 slot 2h polearm Dwendorik's Vanquisher-level 12- 3 slot 2h sword Hopefully someone will find something they need for their current character or possibly something they need for a future alt character thanks again and happy hunting. * I'll prolly be farming the griffin for the next few hrs so I'll update if I get anything I need or add anything I can trade. Mort
  8. Not sure if it's the server or not but I always have happy feet. The second I let go of the "w" button I still run a little bit but when engaged in battle all my cd's are fine. Mort
  9. Edit: Now that I slept on it I will finish up my SC character because I am loving her atm Once I finish up silver I'll awaken Lyzia from her sleep in HC. Also I have not beaten the campain yet so this will give me an idea on what to look foward to in HC mode. Is their any [D.a.r.k.] peoples in SC at all? Mort
  10. Nice to see the warm welcome in HC. Ok I got my SC seraphim to level 32 took about 40 hrs between mapping and farming and questing lol. I will give HC a try Just made a seraphim Lyzia is the name hope to see you all soon Mort
  11. Just want to say thanks for the input and help on the build. Being that this is now my highest level character on the pc its going great. Levels are going pretty fast today I farmed the griffin for 3 levels,(29-32) and got nice stuff. Cant wait to open up more bosses and farm them thanks again for everyones help Mort
  12. Noob question I have a few items I would like to trade in the trade forum but I cant seem to take a screen shot of the item my whole ui goes invis when I use the print screen button. I've seen pics of items ingame this will make it easire for me to disply items I would like to trade thanks Mort
  13. Ah nice so is it more like a mmo setting where a few of you will get together and grind/boss runs etc? Or is it the same where most people play in locked server and just get together when you make plans for it? Reason I ask is I am missing the mmo setting where their are people running around grouping etc. And if their is more people running around chillaxing together in HC than I guess I'll have to reroll again /sign but as long as their are people to hang with it wont be so bad. Also being that I just started this new seraphim I dont want to get to high in level than come to the conclusion that HC is better for me lol Thanks again Mort
  14. nice so what is the benifits if any to playing hardcore mode? Just to say you play in that relm or is their a concrete reason? prehaps better drops etc? thanks Mort
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