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  1. so poeple still ply Sacred 2 on net? I think I am going back, nothing to play really this tim of year . And Sacred 2 magic makes me want to play it again
  2. deleting mostly newsletters or forum notices, regular emails I do not.
  3. ouch never understimate garganthopod
  4. Just be happy you werent in hardcore mode. That hurts more thabn just loosing sb bonus. As my lv84 dragonmage did on platinum 4th guardian.
  5. You needlv 15 to get them. For fallen angel doing quest and farming bosses - killing over and over( farming is a term used almost in every online game, pretty much rare to meet someone who doesnt know what it is). I am not really familiar with this on FA, I was just doing every quest and I I have completed all 3 aspect inqi sets but I had to reach chapter 7 to complete. IN Expansion Ice BLood farming sets is much easier I think. Just cursed forest over and over.
  6. Furian, you farmer ;p I have hard times meeting you guys, I was too low to play with ya for a while than you switched to open. I was almost alone. Woody is always there ;p Now I have done few days break from Sacred 2 and you are back lolz. Anyway I have a little more interest on some other game so not realy on for some days.
  7. If you play closed I can help on both either softcore or hardcore
  8. Seraphim I would say, I didnt play inqi for long time so dont rember much from it but seraphim rocks there. Also TG rocks while HE and SW arent that awesome
  9. Yep, but also there are very few games who have so high playtime value as well, I think only MMORPG's can match with that. Many of nowadays games are made very short .. 30-50 hours and thats it, or even less. Sacred 2 can easily take you 1000 hours before you notice ;p
  10. Thats normal, this gasme is one of the biggest I have seen so takes long to download
  11. I agree with you. I wouldnt come on them without TG/SW/seraphim as well. But I play those chars ;p
  12. Why not sourcewarden TG? Charging grid is no targatable Area of Effect which moves with you and heals allies, combat alert with gold mod as party extension and u have your party TG. Also debuffs from icyevenesxcence fiery ember.
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