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  1. Watched that video on the first page and immediately knew I wouldn't be buying it. I outgrew that type of game play on the NES. The graphics? Why is everything being turned into anime these days? It's terrible. As someone else said, this is an insult to the Sacred franchise. Just... no.
  2. I haven't really thought much about Sacred 2 over the past year or so, then I started playing Path of Exile. NOW I MISS SACRED 2! I see that the Gold Edition is available at many places now (sadly I missed the Humblebundle sale, I could have afforded that), but I take it online is forever dead?
  3. I feel you man. I picked up PoE on release and the entire time I've been playing I've been dying to play Sacred 2. I see the Gold Edition is on Steam now, but I can't afford it ATM.
  4. He put a pic! Shame on you! Good thing I just finished eating my leftover Subway.
  5. Act 4 is actually very easy to get the <1 hour achievement. I "accidentally" did it with my HC monk in normal without even trying. I was playing with a mage for the first half of the act, then picked up a barb for the second half. We didn't skip anything, killed every mob, did some of the random dungeons, got to the end and killed big D. Then we all got the popup for the achiev finished. Wasn't expecting it at all.
  6. I got the same way with GW. 5 years of playing (maybe 6 now) it and after NF no real new content gets old fast. Plus around here the game likes to have fits of extreme latency due to ISP problems. After the latest bout with it I finally just gave up on the game. HOM not even remotely finished but I'm ok with it. I'd rather move on and play something else that works properly for me instead of head bash on one game for months at a time.
  7. Yep. Spend a bit of time with it and you start to realize that it was created to be a cash cow first, player satisfaction second. Or third. Most likely fiftieth. I'm probably not going to go back to it for that reason.
  8. Blizz specifically stated around launch time that they didn't want people farming bosses over and over like in D2. They want you to run around, explore, and kill rare packs for loot. You'll be "rewarded for exploring" was the statement I think.
  9. I think I'm gonna start playing it again soon. Can't atm because that game makes my pc heat up quite a bit and I don't have working AC right now
  10. 105 right now. 90+ in the house because our air doesn't work. Handyman is here right now trying to get it fixed (hasn't worked at all this year).
  11. Sadly for the dps classes focusing on surviving (talking about gear) won't help you. You have to focus completely on not being hit. It'll come to a point where anything that hits you will one or two shot you, no matter how much hp/armor/resists you stack. While playing the later parts of Hell and Inferno you have to be almost perfect in avoiding damage or you lose everything. But you nailed it with one part there. The game ends up becoming a frustration more than anything unless you farm farm farm farm and severely outgear the content.
  12. Be very careful with the AH guys. Blizz is perm-banning people for being too profitable with it (people who aren't botting).
  13. Anyone out there still playing? I stopped about a year ago I guess. I've been playing Diablo 3 since it's launch and honestly it's left me feeling very disappointed and wanting to play better games of the genera. It's either pick up Sacred 2 back up or TQ:IT until GW2 comes out. Anyone feeling the same?
  14. It comes to a point that you'll have to remake your game if you come up against certain affix combinations. You can't skip them in HC like you can in SC. But now you know where the difficulty in the game is. Random rare/unique mobs are 100x more deadly than any boss fight you'll ever have. Depending on your class there are groups that you simply just can't fight.
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