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  1. A long year is gone and I hope you are all healhty. Happy x-mas to all PS: It will be always a pleasure to come back HOME
  2. Sometimes I wish old times back, but I think it's better to walk straight forward and don't look back. I wish, I had more time to write more stuff or to read all the great topics. But it's always a pleasure to come HOME and see all the guys that I miss so much. And that is all for you guys: Merry X-Mas to all and your family
  3. Sometimes I wish old times back, but one thing is fact: Darkmatters is my home forever! Happy Christmas to all
  4. No christmas topic? But I think this is a good place to do that: merry Christmas and a happy new year
  5. Good to see you back guys. Looks good to me and faster BTW: I'm not dead
  6. First x-mas without SIF But merry x-mas to all.
  7. News form deep silver: "The domains are expired and will not extended." That's all. A board closing without any announcement, great. Deep silver have the best community managed in the world
  8. More problems with the domian: http://whois.domaintools.com/sacred2.com http://whois.domaintools.com/sacred2.de Last update was on 16.11.2016. But I don't know the changes. BTW: The german domain was deleted: https://www.denic.de/webwhois-web20/?lang=en
  9. But: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/875423320/backdrop-behind-the-curtain-a-unique-rpg-experienc/posts/1711733
  10. This: http://steamcommunity.com/app/225640/discussions/0/558752449651317783/?ctp=3#c350543712148148267 And: http://www.worldofunbended.de/?go=comments&id=81 Short translation: New project, unbended paused. But I don't know, if the kickstarter campaign will not backed, will unbended come back? My personal 2 cents: The project is more as dead :-(
  11. Rente says: http://forum.unbended.zone/threads/fehler-auf-der-newsseite.767/#post-11778 It was hacked. On facebook they speak only from technical pronlerms: https://www.facebook.com/unbended/"]https://www.facebook.com/unbended/ Whatever......................
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