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  1. Impressive! Thanks for reviving the mod! and for the translation! makes me very happy! When I did the mod, I have in mind make the game more visually serious and less sexual. And yes, I don't like see everywhere satanism, I think it's not necessary play with this things (for some people this simbology it's very real and use it for evil purposes, I don't know what, but I don't wont expose myself to it) Thanks for continuing the work! a lot! Regards!
  2. Auch! the problem remains :-/ I ran too. I keep trying
  3. I have to edit the first post. When the resource it's = 0, the music stops (like say Flix), but replacing the entire event line results in continuing music (see edited quote in this post). Regards!
  4. You can only use the textures of mi mod, and then I strongly recommend you use mi surface.txt. If you want change the armor models too, then tou need the model meshes and the usa/english txt files in my blog. But you can use your own spawn, balance, spell etc
  5. Hey! regards! Basically, the changes are in the CAs and the descriptions. Some enemies too. I will send you a private, Thanks!
  6. Hellow! A new update for the seraphim sopor set it's available in my blog (also in this post): Body, pelvis and leg updated Uploaded with ImageShack.us http://www.mediafire.com/?qxum23kycpfoowc Regards!
  7. Hellow! Some of you know I have a modular mod ( http://sacred2mod.blogspot.com.es/ ). I change a lot of textures, and if you got a spanish version, it changes a lot of heroes CAs. I want to translate this playable part to share it with everyone who speak english. My problem is that I don't have the english files and I can't request this in the forum. Anyway, my English isn't perfect, so it could be conbenient someone speaking the language can do the translation, helped with me. some voluntary?
  8. Hola! In my mod ( http://sacred2mod.blogspot.com.es/ )there are several changes to the textures, inluding Hollenhound. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Si quieres te comprimo esto por separado. Saludos! (if you want I upladed this to you separately. Regards!)
  9. Hellow! I have updated the download section in the blog. Basically, the mod is a big texture and music replacer. The only thing you need to do: you must replace the surface.txt in the scripts/server folder, in your main sacred2 folder. Replace it with the one inthe first section in the blog, and the itemtype.txt in scripts/shared with the one in the same location. The rest is simple. Put the folders into your Sacred2/pak folder in this way: Sacred2->Pack creature: (chestcreature, ghost, humanoid, kohorte_skeleton) Data: (only if you got SPANISH version, if not, just erase) g
  10. Hehehe! don't worry! the best thing of the mod is that is customizable, you can delete everything you don't like :-)
  11. You can download "graphics, npcs, heroes" and the new V2 surface script, added in the Blog (and in this post) Radon Master: you can try with this surface.txt for this transparent spiders... I added some fur in it and a more natural eyes, but nothing more. Tell me if you fix it please ;-) http://www.mediafire.com/download/43ozlhycskcc70b/surface.rar Uploaded with ImageShack.us Regards!
  12. Yes! It was very dificult to me to find it in the first time, for the same reason. Here give you a link with the texture without the green color in the wings: http://www.mediafire.com/?r1309j63icp7o77 You're welcome! Regards ;-)
  13. The texture youre looking for it,s called something like equipment, and its located in the dragoncult npc folder. Tomorrow I can find it for you.
  14. Hey! Youre right on what you downloaded. Simply put it into your pak folder. Surface.txt changes for terrain and monsters are mínimal, then, better don't replace anythyng in the scripts. V2 change christmas kobolds with elfchristmas clothes, to a blue kobolds. Added this in the blog: Put the txt files in your scripts Sacred 2 folder (make a copy first) Put the rest o folders in this way: Sacred2->pak-> creature(this are sounds, you can remove-it :-P) Data (changes in icons(delete if you are not spanish), bars, etc) gui (change the wold map, adding t
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