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  1. Yeah, back capping is kinda a pain for sure, avoiding the zerg from the higher populated servers. But, Yesserday it wasn't like that at all. We're red in FC this week, and we were able to rebuff a zerg from GoM hitting Mendon's three times before they took it. Wiping their zerg twice. Then they attempted to hit Overlook four times, with six golems, and we ran them off each time. RE: world points, I started out w my mesmer (the one very similar to lujate's mesmer build on Monday at just barely level 27, and yesserday he was almost 32. Plus three other characters gained a total of five lvl
  2. *shrug* I love WvW so much its about all I do in GW2, and it has been so for some time. It sometimes is frustratin when we get steam rolled, and for sure I have seen insults, TS3 superiority speech, et cetera, like everyone else. It has been so disheartening w TS3 discussion of PUGs and the 'stupid people' that I no longer log in to TS3 for any reason at all. But I do play WvW, and it has not been as bad lately for me. I've played for hours, used map chat only, followed commanders, made plenty of gold, and it was not a negative experience. Lately what has been fairly successful is just i
  3. You can also either make the armor through crafting or trade in world vs world badges for differing armor as well. Most of the exotic armor and weaponry now I use for all my toons come from a world vs world vendor, and most of it is knight's, because of the superior toughness. In W v W, toughness reigns. Period, end of discussion =0)
  4. It gets even better when you realize that I had been on hiatus from WvW, and that was my first day there in weeks. A strange set of fortunate coincidence, for sure I usta hate mesmers, because I played against em in PvP, and I ended up killing clones or being confused to death. So I built my own, and now its my primary WvW character. =0)
  5. I run a very similar build myself, but more glamour based : http://gw2skills.net/editor/?fgUQJARWlwzCrHVzqGbNJipC92ZGMXzRqgqVmBudhA-jUxAkmAlALiGbNlIaUdmUNsgMA-w This is exactly what I am running now. Upgrading a few things are in my future w this one, such as the runes on the armor, but at present I'm not willing to spend the money for better runes. Incidentally, after lookin for lujate in different ways (although not here), I saw him right beside of me three days ago, takin a tower w me in eternal battlegrounds. What are the odds I'd see him, in the same place, on the same server?
  6. I'd imagine the guys around you stay stronger longer bro. Like when in GW one you and your party have more red bar, and the bad guys have less red bar
  7. Yeah, the dedicated healer thing has been around since D & D, and it was skirted around by a strong party build with high secondaries, but GW 2 seems to have pulled it off, from what I read. This doesn't mean however you can't use a buffer, a protector (not necessarily the class) or supporter, who chooses skills and powerups to setup a party. From what I've seen an engineer may be the kind of supporter I'm looking to play in parties, with a second a protector class
  8. I'm playing GW1 to get usta the way things work, and will as well wait till the box comes out PM me if you are playing GW one as well, and we can get some rewards t'gether
  9. I realize through pouring through many links and tomes of incomplete information there are no 'support characters' so to speak. There are many support skills of course, from multiple characters, yet none like a monk. it doesn't mean I can't tweak a character to be a dedicated one any way. Cause I'm rebellious like that. I know when more info is available, more can be posted of course, yet I'd like as much info as possible, even up to and including running commentary as things go, on how to achieve such a goal. What have y'all got so far on the matter proposed?
  10. Peops from here got me innerested, so of course I gotta check it out. From the way I read all the trailers and other info, two different experiences from player vs world and player vs player. Where guild meets and loose organization (at the very least) would be valuable is on the player vs player, massive blue vs green, hold land and position as much as possible scenario. Since we is world wide, we could provide round the clock coverage, as opposed to those based only in europe, or Asia, or Western Hemisphere. Tiers wouldn't be as much as the concern from my side as would be th
  11. Definitely SP gogo. As far as I know, I've seen it and other Fallout games available for nuthin before. I still have my copies of all of the others, so don't need to try downloading em =0) Dunno if it's necessarily considered abandonware just typing here, but IIRC fallout, fallout II, and fallout tactics are all available for zippo on the net.
  12. I know of none that actually run unarmed toons but me, so I'll bet others haven't seen this, yet I'm about to start another, so I'll bring it up now Now of course you hafta take off the auto equip in the options, or it'll equip everything you pick up, and it isn't 'unarmed' any more =0) Happens w or w/o the patch, so is prolly internally decided. When I was playing MP only, other peops could see the behavior as well When I'm running unarmed, and I pick up any one handed weapon yellow or above (assuming this is only cause I'm using a shield), my toon equips it anyway. It doesn't s
  13. Heee. That sure is a cool bug. ...well, not you as a bug, but....
  14. Yep. That was cool getting a legendary for sure. I just wish those big bad scary bosses woulda put up a fight. They were terrified of Etherian. The abashai cried out loud when he saw him.
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