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  1. I like a CE to have physical extras as well, not just digital in-game extras. The Sacred 2 CE was great, seeing as it had both. The map, artbook, (miniature in the case of the Xbox CE) etc... as well as the Carrier Imp before it was readily available for everyone in Ice and Blood. So chances are that if there's a CE for S3 for download, it would have to be a pretty damn good in-game extra for me to want to get it as opposed to the boxed CE you could buy in stores, or pre-order specials
  2. Welcome! =D I can understand your plight somewhat. One of my little ones has dyslexia, and it's not the end of the world. It's good to see that you're coping with it, an not letting it get to you. That's awesome in my opinion Anyways, hopefully you enjoy your time playing Sacred 2 and all that. I've only been a member here for a little while as well, and everyone's been super helpful and nice. So much so that I'm wondering why I didn't find this place sooner... Cheers, - Smurfed
  3. Usually department stores sell electrical screen cleaning products with their electrical merchandise. Usually I don't get anything more than dust on my screen, so it's just a simple task of swiping a duster over it to clean it. But on the odd occasion that a grubby little child-finger leaves marks, or some other form of dirt builds up, I picked up a specialised mist spray and chamois for just such an eventuality... And it does work, and only cost a few dollars
  4. But that's just it, it is pretty much the exact same as this build, an this one is so much more detailed than what I'd write anyway... So if I were to do up another thread, I'd just link to here and job done I was more remarking on how scary similar our builds are without me having seen this before
  5. I play on the PC, although I own both the PC and 360 versions. Wolfie did a good job on highlighting the overall advantages of the PC version. Also, I first ran Sacred 2 on an ancient PC (Intel 486 2GHz Celeron with 128MB PCI vid card and 1GB RAM). It ran fine with minimalism on all the details and other settings, but noticeably chunked when running higher settings. Of course I've since upgraded, and everything runs silky smooth with settings maxed out. So even if you experience chunkiness with orig Sacred, it could just be a compatibility issue with the OS you're running? If thats the
  6. That'd be cool gogo, but I want to get to niob with this build before going too far with it. After all, if it's not good enough all the way through, then it's not good enough now, is it? I once I hit that milestone I'll see what it's like at level 200 with Schot's lvl200 blanks just to see what it's like rockin' some superpowered guardian action.. Hopefully have everything done and dusted and complete by the end of the week
  7. This build is so similar to my TG that it's scary. The only difference is that I didn't have Enhanced Perception and had both Toughness and Concentration. I was thinking about writing out my own guide for my TG, but yours and mine are pretty much the same (except for mastery order), so I don't think I'll worry about it
  8. I'm tempted to call the build complete at this stage. I've more or less dropped off testing it in favour of testing my ranged SW for the time being. But before I did that I was bosshunting in Plat without any difficulty. But, until I get around to doing that in Niob, I'm not going to call it just yet... I think I'll also add a new thread with my range SW sometime in the future. Even though it has a similar skill layout with this one, the CAs I've used and mods vary slightly.
  9. I should reiterate and say that I got the CE for the PC on release, and for the XBox when I saw it for like $10 on sale at KMart or somesuch. Mostly just for the Seraphim miniature though... But yeah, I'd still most likely get a S3 CE for the PC if it comes out....
  10. Wow, a thread full of nostalgia? Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your point of view) I don't remember too much pre-3.5" floppies... Sure I've seen and heard of 8", but never worked with one. Not unless you can count tossing one around the office as an office-friendly frisbee... And yeah, I used to be a p'n'p RPGer back in the day, but kinda dropped off for a while after 3rd Ed came out... :/ Other than that, welcome Lone, have fun
  11. Ahh. I've only put 1 rune into all my CAs, including skeletons
  12. Cool, good to know that I'm not being a PITA with all these successive posts... Also yes sure, obviously you can substitute Shield Lore for Dual Weapons, or anything else you want for that matter. It's a guide after all, take from it what you will and expand upon it if you want Although, another progress update. Currently level 102 in platinum, doing boss runs to see how I fare against them with the build looking pretty solid, nothing really needs tweaking except maybe gathering socketable equips an other more solid loots. Anyway, doing boss runs and was doing the Gar'Colossus, a
  13. Updated with more info on tactics, weaknesses at higher levels and compensating. See the update section to see more on what I changed. Also, hopefully it's not that annoying when I post so much in my own thread when I find something else out about the build and update it. Just delete the redundant posts if you need to
  14. Okay, so using Schot's level 200 blank characters, I've identified a few problems with the build at high level. Namely attack value. Easiest way to counter at the moment would be to pump all stat points into strength, HP was never an issue. I'll do some more tweaking after work. As it is I'm running late at the moment....
  15. Granted, but I can't tell you the amount of times I've wished I'd taken X skill instead of Y skill...
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