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  1. .....and so I decided to reinstall the game on my new pc I had so many good times with this game......I recently talked to Barristan and Woody about all these good memories.....and I tried to wait a few days.... But the Sacred 2 feeling grew in me.....more and more.....so I finally made my decision!!! It's time to complete things I never had the time to complete in the past (100% map, level 200 come in mind first) I downloaded the community patch.....can't wait to play the Xmas isle again!!! Since this is a new pc I did not have my old saves.....a real fresh start. So I downloaded the Dark shopper\bargain network.....I will use this and imagine to come online and find all of you great people and asking for some niob shopping (talk about nostalgia...). I'll let you know my progress with this new Sacred 2 era for me!!! Another way of keeping in touch and sharing the game with you. All the best Immi
  2. Thanks for the replies and to Chrona for posting the photo (I'm not that good in that). I did some crafting in jewelry and armorsmith. But my main way to get experience was with events and exploring areas full map. It takes some planning and some caution (a lot of caution). Perma swiftness was very important as it was the warhorn ability to cure conditions (and make them boons) with the right trait. My final build was 20/0/20/20/10. First of all I got all the vitality points, then the ones to unlock signet mastery. At 30 I had 10 vit and 10 for signet mastery. The others went into strenght. At 40 I put 20 in vit for the warhonr buff (the other important one is more damage for every boon on me, and I had always 3-5 boons on me). I was able to solo a lot of veterans, even in groups; no champion solo....that would be crazy for this goal. I got downed about 2 times.....almost got heart attack there....but enemies were at very low health so some of them died and I got up and running, literally....warhorn cured conditions and I escaped with speed from the bad situation. My alternate weapon was longbow for the f1, 3, 4 and 5 abilities. Longbow was used in a lot of difficult events where champions were involved.
  3. Hi all!! Today I finally made it!! Since the day the game started I had in mind a sort of "hardmode" challenge.....reaching level 80 no deaths. In these 2 months I made a lot of characters....all the classes except the engineer were tried....and tried again. On death I kept only my first 5 characters and the highest level ones. I reached 45 with a guardian....then 51 with a thief.....then always death. Then I made another try at a warrior.....and so Cinthya Of The Wind saw the light. The concept was an axe\warhorn warrior, able to keep swiftness up all the time for fast travelling and exploring. After some careful play, learning from my previous mistakes, I finally made it.... If anyone is interested I can give some more details....and if I find how to do it I can post a nice screenshot of my character. I want to give a huge thank you to Chrona for the neverending moral support....without those chats and tips I would have never made it! Happy gaming to all the Darkmatters friends!!
  4. I really don't understand the point of these stress tests (but I'm no programmer)...this one only one hour. I really can't get the mood to play a toon that will be deleted soon. I can't wait for release. I'll probably log in to see if there are some changes to my thief...then countdown again to 25\8
  5. Yea I tried booting up GW1 tonight, but found a hard time getting into it, especially because number two is gonna a whole lot better I think they will be veeeery different games. But not that gw2 will be a whole lot better than gw1. I'll miss for sure some aspects of gw1....but can't wait for gw2
  6. If someone need help getting titles let me know. I have 50\50 in the HoM, a character with GWAMM and some good advices waiting to be given Oh, and my stash still have something valuable
  7. Well....what a day! First HC toon to 60, a WD. Then, with Chrona we (and all the time I'll say we from now on you can imagine him kicking asses and me panicking in the back....) killed Diablo in Hell. Then he said....let's start inferno....ok....then he said...why not skele king....yes, why not? I made it in my pants almost 4 times....and Chrona? There...kicking asses. Then Skele King down. And, this evening, Butcher down... (I panic less now ) And yes, thanks to me for the Inferno Butcher title HC would not be the same without Barristan and Chrona for me, the 2 darkies I find online daily. Thanks Barri and Chrona for making the game what it is for me
  8. Barristan....Chrona....Gogo....Schot....Dmolisher.....all the rest of you guys....for me is like getting a couple of years younger!!
  9. Drop the fridge...lol....lol...lol Gogo....you made my day....I laughed so hard on that skill when I saw it and thought....Holy Hannah! But seeing the "drop the fridge" topic was pricelss
  10. Like Chrona said.....one first char to level 10, probably from midnight to 01:00 am Then bedtime. When I wake up.....HC only!
  11. For me it was a great beat weekend!! I mainly played with a ranger....when I saw the ability to use 2 axes I fell in love. I found ranger to be really great, especially in comparison to GW1. I also had fun with the thief....dual wielding pistols was really powerful against single enemies. Also played a bit of the caster classes...will probably love the mesmer, as in GW1. Can't really wait for another beta weekend and for the release
  12. I'll play GW2 for sure!! I have preoredered on the first hour it was possible I'll join the guild in which I played all my GW1 time but will look for all of you and hope to play together!!
  13. Hello! After a looong time I'm back in the land of Ancaria. I stopped playing about 15 months ago, totally sucked by Guild Wars.... Now I feel the need for some Sacred 2 again I really hope to meet some of the old friends and to meet new ones I'll create a new character, a shadow warrior, dual wielder....I loved the one I played before I suicided him. So, if you have time, come to Ancaria with me..... PS: is it still possible to do those nice niob runs? And if so, does someone offer to do one for me
  14. I think we should arrange a meeting because we have so different time zones......tell me when you think you'll play and I'll do my best to be there
  15. Thanks a lot! I've bought the game yesterday and tried it for an hour....very good! I'll start another character now.....and look for you ingame. Oh.....and.....I cannot wait to have my almost 10 month old child to play some games with me congratulations on your mother\child pay relation!
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