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  1. hi all, It´s great that all sets and the other stuff on all levels are downloadable here. But it would be also nice chests to upload, which do not contain complete sets, for example, only from this set the helmet and the boots on level 80, from this set the trousers and the Girdle on Lev 39 et cetera.... It would be nice if somebody the parts, for example, from the Lordearon set (this I look urgently on Lev 30-50) that already be found, to make downloadable here. sorry for my bad english ! Greets, Judaz
  2. hi, thanks for the answers and the welcome-greetings;) .... so, iam sad that the sets are not available (at present?).... I just need only the cloak an the helmet (lorderon, looks so cool!) ;-) anyway, thank you all an have a nice day. still next time^^ judaz Edit: 3 parts of the Scourge of Lordaeron-Set I still have found (Belt, gloves and vambraces) at Lev 35 silver, I am not sure, which lev exactly, iam on job at present.
  3. Hey all! Iam new on this (great!) Board, and iam from Germany, so sorry for my bad english^^ I don´t know, its right here, but iam searching the "Scourge of Lordaeron"- set on singleplayer/LAN... I find 2 items of this set already, but nothing more since release of CMPatch.... I need the set only on low lev (~30-40). is there a chest-file to download it ? btw, I also seek the nine hells-Set of the high elf on low lev, too. Many thanks and greetings! judaz
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