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  1. hey guys! I've been a little preoccupied recently, I broke my game. Well, rather I should say, in the process of trying to modify the game's graphics, I triggered some kind of memory leak. So the next time I loaded up sacred 2, every save game I had was corrupted. The shadow warrior with the Scourge set was unfortunately one of the ones I had not backed up. I still have the chest files with some incomplete sets, but I lost a lot of progress.


    Long story short: yes, his offer would help quite a bit to catch back up with the farming.

  2. File Name: Sopor Aethernis

    File Submitter: Frostyman

    File Submitted: 05 Jul 2011

    File Updated: 16 Jul 2011

    File Category: Ice & Blood Seraphim Items


    This file contains the level 15 silver, 30 silver, and 45 gold versions of the Seraphim set, Sopor Aethernis.


    You need the CM patch to use this file.


    Just copy the chest.sacred2chest file from the directory you want, and paste it in your savegames directory.


    Click here to download this file

  3. Hello all, I'm a longtime player and recent forum member.

    After reading much of the forums, and seeing a fair number of items available for download, I thought I would offer a contribution.

    I have in my possession, the complete silver level 15, silver level 30, and gold level 45-50 sets for the seraphim, Sophor Aethernis, and Virtues of the seraphim.


    I also have the level silver level 15-20 Scourge of lordaeron set for the shadow warrior.


    I realize these might not be very useful to many, as progressing from 15-100 takes all of 10 hours played, I felt I should offer for those who may be interested.


    At any rate, I'm a little stupid when it comes to uploading things, so if a moderator would like to PM me, I'm sure we can arrange something.

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