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  1. Hi guys, I own Sacred 2 fallen angel and got patches for it 2.43.0. I however dnt own ice and blood and its imposible for me to get it in australia. I know you guys would probably say buy it online so and so, but I wanna stick to wat ive got first. Anywayz, I type my username and password and choose any (Closed,open etc).So I enter the lobby, after a few mins,(maybe even 1 or 2 mins) it just crashes. Like the program exits. And it doesnt say anything like sacred 2 stopped working or not responding, the program just exits. And thats it. It doesnt do that however when im on normal campaign mo
  2. Ty. Ive just been thinking about it, maybe ill still put 100 pnts into speed lore not this time for the minimum speed but the atk/def rates. I hope this skill doesnt prove useless after all.
  3. this is very bad...very bad indeed. I might aswell try to max out 1 skill or sumthin. My seraphim wont be as strong as I would hope it would..... Don't worry about it. Its only one defensive skill you are missing out on and with the energy shield the seraphim is one tough cookie. This is still a very capable character build to use. ok thx I guess I could get items with evade or spell resist in future. Thx alot.
  4. this is very bad...very bad indeed. I might aswell try to max out 1 skill or sumthin. My seraphim wont be as strong as I would hope it would.....
  5. thx for opinion, I also heard though that speed lore at 150 points can make u faster or almost as fast as the fastest mounts...just sayin. If speed lore really is useless I feel like starting agian....*sigh*
  6. Um I put only 1 point in concentration to add the 2nd buff 1 point in sword weps to add mod warding energy is to help my shield energy and tactics lore is to increase my dmg. And sry but when I said no ca I mean the non buffs and stuff. But I will probably use pelting strikes when I get high lv and able to spam it.... Im trying to build a seraphim closely similiar to little sara's 2008 duel weild seraphim one. Sry I cnt post link now coz im using my mobile to type and im so noob. maybe later when I get on my pc ill post link. Only buffs I will use is warding energy and battle stan
  7. hi guys I have a seraphim and I decided no ca skills so this is my build: Tactics lore Dual Wield Lore Sword Lore Armor Lore Concentration Constitution Warding Energy Lore Speed Lore Toughness *FREE* Last skill is either Combat reflexes or Spell resistance. Question is which one is better for my build? I want my seraphim to be tanky and also strong hitter. At one point I was considering having both spell resis and combat ref but then I already chose Speed lore. Its bcoz I dnt like horses or mounts. Not that I hate em but for this char I decided foot-on-ground only. not only th
  8. wow the character customisation/select screen thingy looks like wow and the Gameplay like Sacred 1.
  9. awwwww....."[#1026] You are not permitted to modify all or some of your profile information"

    :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  10. Got my leech and my energy ward shield :P

  11. Lol. I guess u wanna teach me how to hack then? Bro, I dnt even come close to touching that stuff, any source that tells me how to hack and stuff on Sacred 2 I just close the site. I dnt even know how to hack. I made an oath too just in case. If I start playing online id announce my oath . The only thing I would do to my save files is copy them just incase somthing goes wrong with my computer or something and I have to reinstall evrything and previous data is lost. I dn't know about you, but I really HATE starting games again. And your silly question isnt silly sir. About it, I dnt know much b
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