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  1. Oh that is really cool Dax! Take whatever images you need to make it easier
  2. Yeah I love the battles! I was also sad when I found out there wouldn't be a turn based option which I had thought that they had said they were originally going to have. I think it was probably that when they said classic mode I assumed that meant the classic game as in turn based, but it turned out that classic mode was pretty lame. Basically in that mode even the character you are currently controlling will automatically fight and that way you can just focus on deciding what spells/items/abilities etc. you are going to have them all use as they are able. That was boring though and it is super easy to keep fighting and just glance at the ability gauges periodically to tell when you can do moves and the pull up that menu that slows it way down so you can safely make your choices. Also, FYI, Tifa is super fun to play as in battle so don't forget to swap control between characters and test out each ones play style to decide which you prefer to control. Have you started playing yet? What do you think? Another awesome old game (PS2) that was really cheap on the Playstation Store not long ago is Rogue Galaxy which has been enhanced, I am so excited to play that one again too! And if anyone wants to relive the original FF7 it has a digitally enhanced digital version on the Playstation Store for only $7.99 on sale right now, I also got that one!
  3. LOL, way to make me feel extra old! Sure you can use some character images... what exactly are you doing with them out of curiosity? Does this have something to do with the forum skin or what?
  4. Yeah it is really great. The story is great, the controls are easy to use, the menus are clean and easy to navigate, the graphics blew my mind... The biggest thing for me though is the combat systems is AMAZINGLY simple considering all of the things you can do - basic attack, power attack, special attack, spells, items, special abilities, limit breaks, summons and programmable hot keys. I have played games with less stuff and yet I often struggled with combat because it was too hard remembering what all the different buttons and combination of buttons even did. For example with this game on Playstation the square and triangle buttons are the basic and power attacks, holding the square button for a moment was the power attack and everything else was via a menu that got triggered when you hit X (which also super slows down combat so you have time to make your selection). Oh you could also block with R1 and evade with circle. And if you wanted to (which I did not) you could assign specific actions found in the X menu to L1 + another button. So easy! I am now about 90 hours in to playing and I've beaten the game on normal. When you beat it the chapter selection opens up and you can skip to any chapter you want and play it in Classic, Easy, Normal or Hard mode. This way you can go back and do anything you missed, get certain buff items that are only available in hard mode and trigger certain things that would take multiple play throughs (but because of this you can do without playing 100% of the game again if you want). For my obsessive, 100% completionist nature this way of doing it is so amazing. I sometimes struggle to play a game over beginning to end to get all the extras or to play in the harder mode to get that 100%, somehow being able to skip around levels and go back to specific good grinding places and whatnot makes it so much better. The only sad thing is this.... because FF7 was such a HUGE game they've said that they are spreading it out over 4 games expected to be released every or every other year. So that means it will be 4-8 years before I get to relive the full story. Also certain things were missing that I expect will be in the later games - like I didn't get to ride or breed any Chocobos!!! Also I would super recommend getting a Playstation, I can't live without mine and I have had all 4 generations now. There are so, so many amazing games you are missing out on!
  5. Yes I am totally fine with them taking over the hosting. While I know some of them might not be able to help themselves when it comes to making coding improvements (which it sure as heck could really use) I fully trust the team here to keep the integrity of my site alive
  6. Oh that is another game I really loved!!! Good taste! Right now I am going crazy over the remake of Final Fantasy 7!! Sooooo good!!!
  7. Spock my thoughts are with you! Any big medical issue can be super scary and I have spent way, way too much time in hospitals holding the hands of loved ones going through various traumas. Just remember to be patient but persistent as it can take what seems like a very long time to get back to 'normal'. But I truly wish you make it there soon!
  8. Ha! You'd love the enterprising gentleman my husband overheard talking to his friend at Walmart the other day. This gentleman was explaining to his friend how he'd made his very fancy mask out of his wife's bra cup
  9. Yeah I got myself into a lot of trouble back then LOL. It is SO good, I totally recommend it. Not sure if you ever played Fallout New Vegas but it was the same developers and so the UI is very similar to that. Also it is like a cross between Fallout and Firefly (best show ever)! Well you get too long winded and I end up spotting everyone's errors (including my own which I then have to obsessively edit later) - Software Quality Analyst here. That sounds sooooo good, now I'm hungry
  10. Ohmigosh I loved this one. The extra great thing with this one is the DVD has a special section with detailed portfolios of each of the ghosts which is really cool. I am the biggest wimp ever when it comes to scary movies, but for me it is rarely the story - though I really do enjoy horror stories, they are fun. What is actually scary for me is the characters in the movies. I could even see a film that wasn't even that scary but a character might haunt me for ages and scary kids are the WORST! Funny story, one of the characters that really freaked me out was the little boy from The Grudge. And a couple of months after I watched that movie I still kept expecting to open the shower curtain or turn over in bed or open a door and have that little boy scream/meow at me. Also it did not help that my bed at the time was just a mattress and box spring on the floor so about the same height as the bed in the movie where she woke up to see him standing by the side of the bed. So anyway at the time my daughter was 3 yrs old and woke up in the middle of the night.... do you see where I am going with this? So she comes in my room and instead of just crawling in bed with me or shaking me awake she just stands at the side of my bed staring at me. Well I must have sensed her there in my sleep because I woke up and just saw a dark shadow of a kid standing by my bed... my scream was seconds from coming out when I realized it was her. Thank god. At her age I would have terrified her if I screamed in her face just after she woke up from having a bad dream!
  11. I second this, sharks are terrifying LOL. For me it was Wrong Turn - it is a sort cheesy slasher, but there was just something about one of the hillbilly freaks that super terrified me. I couldn't close my eyes for months without picturing him sneaking up on me.
  12. To be honest I never even played Sacred 2 long enough to even visit my own graves, those screenshots were donated to me. Which in the long run really saddens me, I wish I had stuck around long enough for them to fix the game. Not the only time I've done that though.... There are a few games I've played that I was so terribly excited about it coming out for so long and then when they didn't meet expectations on launch I was so disappointed I couldn't bring myself to ever play them again. Sacred 2, Diablo 3 & Destiny 2 all gave me that reaction even though I heard later that after a few patches they got way better. Though I don't 100% believe the sources since those were usually die hard fans that couldn't bring themselves to hate it or admit how many problems those games really had. So to answer you Gogo, I only played a few hours worth of it on my Playstation before I gave up on it. It was extra disappointing too because both my husband and I loved Sacred Underworld but we never got to play together because we never had more than one working computer at a time, so we were extra psyched for the PS co-op ability on Sacred 2. Modding sounds really neat, I've heard a lot about different games that have been done but modding really became a thing after I stopped playing on the computer. And to all the thank yous...... no, really THANK YOU! It was truly a labor of love and after a while a bit of an obsession to ensure it was as complete as possible, so to hear that so many people used my site and still do after the insane number of hours I put into it is really such a relief to me. It would have been so horrible if it had been a waste of my time and no one used it. Especially after the number of fights it caused because I would get so wrapped up in it that I would lose track of time and not do a single thing around the house that I was supposed to for days on end It has been enough years though that now my husband just makes fun of me over it.
  13. I've gotten to where I exclusively play Playstation games now, the most recent one being Outer Worlds which was tons of fun and I am very impatiently awaiting the release of FF7 Remake next month. No I don't document games anymore, I really only did Sacred because no one else was when I started Wolfe's Lair and since I wasn't working I had plenty of free time. Now you can get a professionally published guidebook for all the biggest games anyway. Plus I document soooo much at work already LOL. I am so amazed that anyone is still playing Sacred AND visiting my site no less. It is really astonishing!
  14. Wow, Dinosaur huh? If people who worked with me are Dinosaurs what does that make me? ROFLOL Also Hi DARKWOLFNINE!!! And hi to everyone else! This is a very strange time... First a few weeks ago AREA666 started emailing me regularly when for years now we'd just message once every other year on Facebook (we both hate Facebook). Then I get an email that Gogo posted in the interview thread so I popped in to see what was up and I saw this post! I can't believe so many people are around still!
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