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  1. Perfect, and customizable, I can remove only the raw fire effect from the blade, but leaving the nice glare effect from the pommel. Thank you. Where may I find those files? Maybe I will need more in the future.
  2. Now, are there texture replacements for all of the other special effects in special gear? Like the multiple effects from the Sereish Steel of Thunder sword, and other items which have their own illumination when they do magic damage, or fire, etc.
  3. You are a hero, worked like a charm, no need to restart the game. Should upload this to Nexusmods to gain more visibility, this simple texture is the day and night for people who don't like their RPGs with constant FX like walking Christmas trees. Devs should add options to disable FX by categories. A big thank you!
  4. My character glows when equip certain rings, or if I socket them in gear with the blacksmith. I think that are the rings which increase the last stat Resistance, but may be coincidence. First I want to know what means that glow. And second, is possible to turn off with edition or mods?
  5. Thank you. So that quest is impossible unaccomplishable? Or killing goblins around the world will still drop for it?
  6. I remember that enemies did respawn in Sacred 2, not sure about bosses, but normal monsters spread on the land. Now I'm playing Sacred 1 and killed all goblins from the starting area when in Bellevue I got a quest to collect 10 goblin hearts, and not getting them respawn. But also human bandits, there is no single enemy respawning. When I google that, people say that enemies respawn. So is sort a bug, or maybe a change in versions? I have the GOG version, with their last patch 2.28. And another thing is that it is happening in Bronze difficulty, maybe is important.
  7. I saw those icons but didn't realize for what are. This game is so shine of details and flavor. Governments should preserver such good pieces of culture, instead they allowed to sell the rights to a company which have made a generic game for televisions or phones. Capitalism can be cruel in cultural issues...
  8. Thanks, I'm asking for both games in the first question (bronze or silver, silver gives more xp and loot? or only is for the challenge?), but regard the difficulty, I need to know how to check the difficulty of a saved game, not needing to go and kill a bandit to check if is hard or easy... Is there a way to know in which difficulty I am? Main questions are all for Sacred 1.
  9. I'm performing some tests and not 100% sure but seems to have better loot and experience (didn't take notes so may be wrong). But, now, I've noticed that seems to not be a way to know in which difficulty I am. I have many saved testing games and don't remember in which difficulty were, can't find a way to find it on the loading game screen, but also inside the game, not in the book, not in the character sheet, not mouse over the character's icon, not in the map view... where figures in which difficulty the game was saved?
  10. Many games have difficulty sliders but only to make the game harder, not affecting the reward. Starting Sacred Gold in Silver is only to increase difficulty too? Or it gives more experience and/or better loot? I've started in Sacred 2 but don't remember this thing, was long ago, so the question is for both games if possible.
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