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  1. id;dr_estaban psn user arms dealer I hav the maximum ammount of char.'s and they r spread out--171,151,132,99,80,78,65,64,34,28 hav been maintaining a activity for about 3years if u need help with anything,or looking to trade,,,,im usually online everyday lol I know,I hav no life but after all''this world is sacred'' I have multiple of all the 1hnd swrds people adore; ice flashes , flame smiters , serpents tongues ect. also I am in the posession of ''the second ring''lv140 ''magisil''lv130 ''2stradls''lv55,65 ''boneslicer's'' as for armor I have; ''judges burden''lv130 ''ring of eternal rest''lv200 also of note,, I search for 2star armor which matches the red ''diabolical chest'' look,,u know? the red suit...there r pcs such as boots,gloves,bracers and belt that can b found or bargained,,slots on these pcs preferred,,the more the merrier ty oops forgot yes I hav a mic sry 1 more thing,,2hand hafted weapons highly sought after-in particular;;mighty bat of dev.,,orc slayer,,lars hammer,,regnif dlogs gb,,tervons might if any1 has or has even seen these on ps3version pls let me know ty
  2. I love hearing about legendary drops,I posted in a different forum that I found ''the second ring''in the swamp lv140 and I obtained a lv140magisil from a dude who said he got it from the guardians,,also I know u can get the stradl's from drops and I used to hav a morayas fire swrd[previous account lost] rejoice there r legendaries out there...btw I play on the psn network almost every day and hav an overflowing box of great 3star weapons like..iceflash,flamesmiter,serpenttongue,playerkiller,quetzals....hit me up if u need somthing,,char level's...sw's-171,132,99,76,64,30....inq151bargainer...he80...tg65....dryad32 .. good luck
  3. online id;dr_estaban chars/lvs shadow warriors-171,132,99,76,63,24 Inquisitor-151 he-76 tg-65 dryad-32 ps3 user
  4. new to dark matters..but not new to sacred2,,I might b the most loyal ps3 sacred player there is..lol 3 years I lov this game!
  5. also I should mention that I have a magisil[legendary swrd]lv130 and on my previous account I had a morayas fire swrd ....there must b others with good stuff out there bump
  6. Congrats! Out of curiosity, how much of a bonus to All CAs and All Skills is it giving you at that level? And it seems that you joined the forums today, so: Welcome! all combat arts +9/allskills +8 strangely I found it with my bargaining Inquisitor. who does not have ep nor did he hav any valuable find to speak of btw if any1 has seen or knows any1 who has seen a lars hammer,orc slayer,regnif dlogs or a tervons might for the ps3 console version pls post I need hope
  7. I also need 2hnd hafted,,they r hard to find on ps3........looking 4...;;mighty bat of d.,,,orcslayer,,,,lars hammer,,,,regnif dlogs gb,,,,,tervons might...pls som1 step frwrd
  8. whats up guys,,im on ps3 and been playing for 3years with many 2hnd hafted builds under my belt...and yet I'v seen so few of them.im looking 4;orc slayer,lars hammer, regnif dlog's goldbringer and tervons might. if you're wondering what ican offer in return, my bargainer is lv151 so my rings and ammy's r decent,,plus I hav a 171sw,,so I hav good weapons and some armor up to lv210 will som1 step up?
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