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  1. I realized something this evening, I've missed hanging out with a group of people who play the game just because they enjoy it. I'm glad I picked up Sacred 2 when I did, and that I found my way back here.
  2. I finished this up today, and that feeling of grabbing your unique mount after running around so long on foot is just magical Well I'll admit that I broke down and got a horse, my poor seraphim could only walk around in those heels for so long. But ever since Sacred 2 was announced and I saw that the Seraphim had a tiger mount, I have been dying to try it out.
  3. Oh yes, very much so. I think I am in the right area to start the class specific mount quest as well, so I am looking forward to that.
  4. I kept reading this sentence like 3 times before I saw the difference Yeah I know, it can be a little confusing at times. It's even worse when I type it wrong and don't catch it.
  5. Huh, I did not get anything I only ask cause it has happened many times before, did you spell it correctly? A lot of people type Trillian instead of Trillain
  6. Thanks Knuckles As for the talk about bugs, I think I will get off that topic. I can't stand those creepy crawlies. Oh by the way, anyone who has Steam feel free to add me. My name is...wait for it...Trillain. hahaha
  7. hahah Oh I see how it is Gogo, you are trying to make this lady squirm.
  8. Thanks Schot I remember your name as well zomgod whereja get that smiley from! gogo I must say, I love the pacman smiley. But that spider *shudders*
  9. Hey Gogo, yep it's me Thank you for the welcome back.
  10. heheheh yeah, I used to hang around the Dark Matters forum a few years back with another person that some of you may remember, Knight of the Rose. Playing Sacred 2 and seeing gravestones for old friends like ten76, Lady Penelope, and MiniG brought back some fond memories, as well as a few laughs from the old Sacred days. Thank you for the welcome back Etherian You guys have an amazing forum and you have made this lady feel quite welcomed.
  11. I think I did one of these a long while ago, but what the heck I'll start another one. I used to play HC Sacred back in my old WNx days, but decided to take a break when Sacred 2 came out. In the recent years I've become a bit of a Steam junkie, as my assortment of single player and co-op games will show. I guess you could say that old habits never die, they just go on vacation. With the ability to get Sacred 2 Gold in the states, and then the Humble Bundle, I decided to start playing again and I find myself getting hooked like I was before. Now I just have to get my Sabertooth Tiger mou
  12. Ow I think this post just made my head hurt. hahhaha Though that does make a bit of sense, even if the game could do a better job at explaining it. Thanks so much
  13. Thanks both of you. I'll have to look at my armor when I play again. I don't think I have any armor with an insane CA regen increase, but I'll double check to be sure. did kind of forget about the fact that regen times go up the more runes you eat, but that was when I first started. I don't think I've eatten any runes since my first couple of levels, instead they are all getting thrown into my storage.
  14. I have a slight problem/question with my Seraphim. I am putting points into Concentration, Exalted Warrior Focus, and Stamina. According to the game those will lower the CA regen time, but when I hover my mouse over Stamina it says that my average regen time is going up. Is that a glitch with the game or am I doing something wrong? Thank you in advance for any help given.
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