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  1. Hey can someone please PM me the unlock codes! Thanks a ton
  2. Been away a bit due to real like work and family priority. Expecting our 3rd little girl August so my wife and I are busy Anyways I'll be dropping in when I get time and just wanted to touch base with everyone. - Coach
  3. Yeah lately I have been big on bringing in a semi virgin Inquisitor and getting lag raped by large higher level mobs. Makes me want to cry and go back to my all powerful godlike Shadow Warrior! Anyways awsome to see new blood and catch up in game!
  4. Heya Rab! Hope to see you in game sometime. And Katran.. where the hell is this bar.. and where are those drinks you priomised me!
  5. Ancient magic works great on Skeletal Fortification. Watch your ballista just 1 hit everythign is real nice. Not sure if it works on skellies too, btu I am guessing it might.
  6. Have been in... left for awhile since wife and kids are now home.. am going back in until wife comes home
  7. Welcome Sara! Looking forward to meeting up with you sometime in game and reading your stories
  8. Heya Matt! I will be hooking my brother up with a copy of the game as soon as possible and he is in Cali so can play US server with you. Hopefully the world server merge will come sooner than later and we can all play together! I'll be that ghostly fellow with light green glowing skellies hanging around
  9. Stop whining and suck it up Knuckles.. otherwise I'll have to focus on Shadow Warrior tactics all by myself and what fun would that be I agree there are some stupid bugs and the light dark no party thing is really kinda dumb. They could have done it better.. maybe made it so that if you partied with oppoisite alignment you do not recieve buffs or somethign from them but could party and such. In any case even with the light dark thing it is workable. I have even started making light characters so that I can party with fellows who are not quite as inclined to the darker side as me Made a reall
  10. Yeah me too. Sorry I never got back on,... wife kept me busy since I have not cleaned around the house in the 4 days she was gone. Basically loading up the game would have been a death sentance
  11. Awsome! I have a Dell XPS m1730 running 8800 gtx x 2 in SLI with dedicated Physx card! Can't wait!
  12. Thanks Bjørn! Is a great site and I look forward to meeting even more members! Erling, if you are coming to Trondheim let me know. I studied at NTNU and know the area really good as well as have some contacts via school. The American football team I am coach for is actually under NTNUI so if you want to give it a go you are more than welcome to come to practice as well
  13. bhj

    velkommen til darkmatters Jason :D

  14. Heya! I am also new and "raises hand" am also a Sacredholic. I recently had the shakes and had to start reading the Sacredwiki to keep from having withdrawal symptoms.
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