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  1. Hello and welcome. This was a bug we did not catch until too late, unfortunately. To fix it, please use this version of the creatures.txt file: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jrd3L-1cCZeK5bq7KRZT0ludzH14k7jh/view?usp=sharing Copy the file into the server folder of the Sacred 2 installation and overwrite the existing creatures.txt
  2. For total authenticity you will also want to change the icon(s) and also the text inside global.res.
  3. Hello. CM Patch 1.60 was not installed correctly, then. The bugs you report are from missing files from the CM Patch. EE will contain some of them, but you need the CM Patch as a base for it all to work correctly.
  4. Priestess of Torment. That buff's only available if you use Alternate Spells. She's a summoned minion buff in the Voodoo aspect.
  5. Moderator note: I have merged this topic with the main Sacred 2 Multiplayer thread.
  6. Sorry, their presence is hard-coded into the exe file.
  7. Yes indeed, damage on top, armor on bottom. These bars represent the values that the enemy possesses, the same as when you look at your own character's tooltips. It is also reiterated in the Last Opponent Window: In this case we see the Sakkara inflicts 230 damage, about 50/50 physical/fire. It is armored against physical, magic, fire, and poison, being most resistant to fire, and most vulnerable to the absent element (ice).
  8. One of the filters at the top right should turn them off. I think it's "world objects".
  9. Thanks! You can always back up the save file and then try it in EE. Starting a new difficulty level is a good way to avoid any quest-related bugs from the migration. However you may still have re-rolled bonuses on normal/magic/rare tier items. There is another very rare bug where combos and the Divine Gift become unusable for legacy characters. This is the main reason I say back him up first, before you risk anything. This bug would be apparent immediately if it occurred.
  10. Thanks for trying the mod and writing back. The only issues I'd expect with old items is that some bonuses may be re-rolled on normal/magic/rare tier items. You may also find that while many items got new unique models in EE, your previously-found items would instead use the old models. They will still function as usual though. Have fun.
  11. Greetings! I'm sure it could be viable, though the magic staff exploit introduced in I&B is fixed. This bug caused every thing on the screen to be hit simultaneously when staves were used with Darting Assault. Correct. They always shoot magic projectiles now. These projectiles are still subject to attack vs. defense values like any other weapon. For skill purposes, they do not count as ranged weapons like bows, etc. (EDIT: They do gain increased projectiles from mods though). Sinister Predator works for staves, because in EE I changed the buff to affect all weapon
  12. As far as finding them naturally, you get the same way you'd get any rare 2h sword. They're just more rare since they only come in rare and unique tier. I guess we could add a Download button to the wiki page, since I did upload a grab-bag chest of random rare 2h lightsabers a while back:
  13. Hello. This is a basic game mechanic. You will only get partial levels from reading runes, once you level the combat art too high. This is what the in-game term "highest combat art level without penalty" means. This ceiling can be raised by learning the appropriate aspect focus skill (in this case, you need to level up the Death Warrior Focus skill). What's happening is that as you level up your character, this penalty also decreases, so that is why you see the combat art level slowly increasing as you play.
  14. There is a tweak you can make to alleviate this. The file you need to edit is balance.txt located in the game's scripts/server folder. The line is "NpcFightDamageDownScaling" Change the value to a very low number, for example 5 or 10.
  15. Neat ideas. I love the idea of summoning weapons through a combat art. As far as I know, only the BeeEffGee can do that, so in order to make it happen for another character, the modder would have to rob the Seraphim of the BeeEffGee and replace it with whatever new weapon would be summoned.
  16. If all goes well, in the next release the shapeshifted forms will retain the Druid's equipment bonuses as well as the skills that the Druid has learned. It will replace the current system where the Werewolf/Werebear are treated like a completely separate creatures with their own discrete bonuses and skills. If this works, I will rebalance accordingly.
  17. Well aware of this, it has existed since CM 1.60. Should be fixed in next release. Buffs will not be able to be switched on/off while shapeshifted, but whichever buffs were active upon shifting, will remain active.
  18. I've been meaning to change Siphon's LL% to flat Life Leeched per Hit. However, I am now anticipating that in v15, LL% will finally be fixed and no longer the broken modifier that is has been. This is because it will be fixed to calculate the damage based on the remaining hitpoints, rather than the opponent's total hitpoints. So it will deliver diminishing returns as opponent health decreases (like Static Field from D2, if you're familiar). Also it is correct that Lore skills only boost flat (not percentage) damage/armor, including Life Leech.
  19. It's nothing nearly so complicated. The D2F Wiki should be up to date, as far as all combat arts go. Here's the shortcoming: I have raw numbers in the scripts to work with, when I try to make the tooltips or write out wiki formula. A spell token (property) might read: {"et_chance_poisoning", 500, 1, 0, 5 }, Which would accurately translate to 50% + 0.1% per level chance to poison. Almost all spell tokens work out that way, where I can pinpoint the exact formula. However when it comes to flat damage and flat armor values, it gets weird. A spell token might read: {"et_spe
  20. Thanks for trying the mod and writing back. It's only a 60% chance, might explain the failure. Could be some other technical reason though. @dimitrius154 Can you think of any reason why the "et_chance_areasplash" spell token might not work with this configuration: spellClass = "cSpellSMove", spellcontroltype = "eCAtype_m_attackmove_jump",
  21. CGI was not great, but I feel the main flaw is just how much story was cut. I'd recommend the original 90's anime over these movies. The animation quality is lower budget but it contains much more content, and better pacing. The anime is 10 hours long, while the 3 movies that cover the same arc are just under 5 hours total. That means half the story was cut, and it wasn't filler. Entire subplots were cut as well as the main character backstories that gave their later decisions most of their weight. Loads of dialogue and characters explaining their motivations and feelings were also removed
  22. That's not going to be fixed except in mods. Best thing would be to avoid using buffs while shapeshifted. They're not needed anyway. Just to clarify, it's not that anyone likes this bug or doesn't care about it, there's basically just one person who can fix it, and there's no work being done on CM 1.60.
  23. Well that is vexing. It's unlike me not to test every enemy CA in action. I'll have to add such animations in the 15th release.
  24. I think the wiki's bestiary is a few versions out of date. That being said, in the current script: entry0 = { "enemy_dragon_feueratem" }, -- Firestorm entry1 = { "enemy_root" }, -- substitute for Bone Prison entry2 = { "enemy_ghost_schock_1" }, -- Red Lightning entry3 = { "gartor_armageddon" }, -- Fire Nova entry4 = { "enemy_whit_verlangsamen" }, -- Cold Touch
  25. Google is terrible about that kind of thing. Mediafire or MEGA might be preferable.
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