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  1. 2 hours ago, skaven said:

    Weird bugs.

    When I installed CM patch 1.60, on the character main screen the version was showing still v1.40, then I installed the enhanced edition update. It updated the main screen version to 1.60.

    Started playing new game.

    - now and then items are missing icon/ texture, all I see if just gray area where the item would be, this is in my inventory and vendor, sometimes I cant move those items.

    - purchased health potions dont show in inventory, need to save/exit and come back to game and they show up again

    Only other mod I have installed is the epic textures.

    Hello.  CM Patch 1.60 was not installed correctly, then.  The bugs you report are from missing files from the CM Patch.  EE will contain some of them, but you need the CM Patch as a base for it all to work correctly.

  2. 6 hours ago, gBaby123 said:

    After 80 hours of play with all seven characters played in parallel (1.5 hour play session for each) I just found out about this mod.  Couldn't believe it and installed it with the music update and the character portraits update.  Then recreated all seven characters again to ensure no conflicts.  I did save some things in the shared stash, so I hope that doesn't cause any issues.  

    This is an incredible mod and I am really loving it so far.   All the changes are great.  The only negative issue is that it delays my play of Flix's other great mod, Diablo 2 Fallen, which I am eagerly looking forward to.     

    Thanks Flix for this dedication to a wonderful game and enhancing other's enjoyment of it.

    Thanks for trying the mod and writing back.  The only issues I'd expect with old items is that some bonuses may be re-rolled on normal/magic/rare tier items.  You may also find that while many items got new unique models in EE, your previously-found items would instead use the old models.  They will still function as usual though.  Have fun.

  3. 17 hours ago, warpoyo said:

    I have a little question, I have Sacred 2 Gold Edition. There is any way to only play in Fallen Angel to fully enjoy this mod?. I have installed all the things needed following the instructions, but it seems that my skills are the same as in normal sacred. 

    Hello. The mod will not work on just Fallen Angel. It requires the expansion and community patch.

    Typically the reason for errors like you describe is incorrect installation.  Many people create an extra folder when they extract the zip file. Instead, you should extract the contents of the zip file directly into the MODS folder in your Sacred 2 installation.

    Community Patch

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    19 minutes ago, Sign said:

    Update: Installing the patch on a fresh game went without a hitch!

    I`m only struggling with the Generic Mod Enabler, since I don't know how to unzip the .rar stuff. I`ll need to find an app for it but that should manageable on my own.

    If you've got the Community Patch installed that's really you need.

  4. 13 minutes ago, Archvile said:

    Good day. I got a question on updating the mod - I got the 2,3 version and have been playing with it for some time and today found out it was developed to 2.4b. How is it best to update mine? Disable it in the GME, then delete the folder I have in the MODS folder (I only used Sacred 2 EE 2.3 - Enhanced Spells) and then copy the all content of the new zip file and re-enable the Core module + the enhanced spells module? Also, I suppose it shouldn't break the character too much since I'm updating from a previous version and not from a default sacred2 char.

    Thank you in advance.

    Thanks for trying the mod.  Yeah that's pretty much the process.  It's also described above and in the readme in detail on how to upgrade.

  5. 2 hours ago, lacr said:

    I am just shocked as how can a person be so devoted that he can  spent so many time on such a menial task - to put it briefly, I have simply no words at all! I have run around several merchants, and...guess what, all images are looking like they were originally created by the developers! Amazingly stunning work!:twitch:

    You're too kind. And it doesn't feel like work when it's fun!  It's fun to search through all the fantastical artwork that's out there.  And it's fun to create.

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    Community Patch

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    9 minutes ago, Knightmare said:

    I've placed the installer in my sacred 2 directory but it says it can't find the file path and I need to manually assign the target destination, am I meant to put it in one of the sub folders or something?

    It doesn't make any difference where you run the installer from.  You just have to point it to the game's install directory.  C:\Sacred 2 Gold or whatever applies to your install.

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    Community Patch

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    24 minutes ago, vometia said:

    Ah.  I do apologise, but I'd failed to apply the most basic computing wisdom of all: "have you tried turning it off and back on again?"  I've no idea what was the problem but a quick(-ish) reboot and it's come to life.

    Good to hear you got it going.

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  6. 11 hours ago, Ginnosaji said:

    Hi, I've already posted this on the nexus but I figured I'd post this here:


    Hi. Thanks for the awesome mod! But I think I found a bug. I'm not sure if the mod introduced the bug or if it was like this before, but Inquisitor's Frenetic fervor run speed mod doesn't work (No Escape). The animation is faster, but the actual speed is the same... I timed myself running from one place to another with 120% run speed and it took the same time as with Frenetic Fervor (158% run speed). I removed my moved speed gear and there is a difference between 100 and 120.

    What's strange is that when removing my run speed gear and casting Frenetic Fervor, there is a difference (137% run speed). BUT even weirder is that it took the exact same time as when I had my 120% run speed gear?

    Thanks for the report. I'll look into it soon.

  7. 22 minutes ago, Caledor said:

    While fixing the wizardstaff bonuses unlocked by the weapon skill, I think you might have changed by mistake bonuses 917 and 918 to require skill lore instead of skill mastery.

    Also there are a lot of uniquename = "unqien" and "unqiue"... you changed some of them to "unique"... are they relevant in any way?

    Skill mastery for Magic Staves didn't actually work for unlocking bonuses, as we discovered during development.  So I had to change it to regular skill lore and add a level requirement instead.

    The changes to "unique" were just my own neuroses at play.  I don't think it affects anything.

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  8. 16 hours ago, Gilberticus said:

    I am noticing one issue, with the Sorceress. I know how to use the teleport spell; you point your cursor where you want to teleport to. But when I put it into a combo, let's say I cast nova and then teleport, she stays put instead of teleporting where my cursor is pointing to. I don't know if teleoprt isn't supposed to be put in a combo, or if teleport is supposed to be cast before other spells in the combo, but that's what I'm encountering so far. 

    I think Shadow Step acts the same in the vanilla game doesn't it?  Teleport as it is is pretty much just a copy of Shadow Step with the Cooldown and teleport delay decreased.

    I just the character just doesn't know where to target.

  9. 13 minutes ago, Gilberticus said:

    I never really tried this mod, due to the fact that I love clustering maelstrom and the piping in the Blood Poison set. But I just tried it out; those two things are such a tiny price to pay when you consider all that this mod adds. Thank you so much for this mod :)

    Thanks man!   I'm working on the definitive, "final" version of the mod right now, so let me know if there's any bugs or if anything just feels "off." 

    Been playing the mod the past few weeks and I can say the new monsters I added hit a little too hard and soak up a bit too much damage, they will be better balanced in the upcoming version.

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  10. 7 hours ago, thejynxed said:

    Just a thought/warning on this - reverting to Vanilla drops means your only two sources of added Dexterity from jewelry will the Bar'Tender's Ring and the Hunter's Amulet, since Remnants of Glaurung will go away, so be aware that ranged & melee specs will see a nerf if they build around Dex stacking compared to "normal". Dryads especially will take a hit since the Glaurung set is arguably BiS with the dragon minion from the shrunken head. Melee sword users will see the hit due to how many swords use Dex over Str, particularly those focused in Dual Wield.

    Yes, the stats on the new items were designed to "fill in the gaps" of the vanilla selection.  They were meant to provide modifiers that were lacking on certain item types, or to support builds that were not catered to before.  Without it you're stuck with basically 1 armor set per aspect, and a weapon selection that pretty much favors either 1h melee or 2h ranged.  I'd never go back myself, but I like to help people enjoy the game the way they want.

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  11. 5 hours ago, Juopunumies said:

    A very fun mod concept, but most ranged weapons (bows, thrown, some spells) crash the game for me.

    "An exception has occured!

    Error #:1

    Function: ParticleSystemManager::createSystem

    Description: template not found'x_stone_streak',

    File: ,\Graphics\particle\particleSystemMgr.cpp

    Line: 199"

    Otherwise the mod works like a charm.

    This will happen if you don't have Community Patch 1.60 installed first.  The "stone_streak" file was added in that patch.

  12. 4 hours ago, Methatronc said:

    Hello Flix ! 

    First thank you for this mod, I really like the vanilla version that I tried today. 

    I noticed however that the logo you have is the vanilla though mine is the CM one, the background is perfect, here is juste the icon that doesn't change..

    Would you have an idea for changing that please ?

    Thanks in advance !

    Hello!  The icon is part of the interface and it can be changed with by using one of the skins from this mod:


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  13. You mean the black sky?  You can see that it my screenshot too, to a lesser extent, as I had a different resolution.   

    Based on your screenshot you're at 3840 x 2160.  I think the higher your resolution, the more obvious the "borders" of that landscape will be. 

    That menu background is pulled from the demo, so it shouldn't be too surprising that it doesn't play too well with the full game + expansion. 

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