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  1. Should be fine, I suppose. I need to ask for your help getting the D2F Addendum binaries into shape though. There are a few issues trying to use them with the upcoming build 15. This is shortlist of the critical ones I've noticed: Removed randomized modifiers on unique/set/legendaries. D2-style uniques should have static bonuses. There's some balance issues as well. The extra modifier puts tier 13-15 items too far ahead of tier 12 and below. I feel the need to add 1 extra bonus to every item below tier 13 to compensate. Portal name and description text/backgrounds resto
  2. It doesn't sound like you have 3.0a installed then. This is the latest release that fixes some critical bugs. I released it on January 16th. Please re-download the mod and reinstall it. https://www.nexusmods.com/sacred2/mods/1?tab=files or https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Iz19GVqhyqVbdxRH3Bxl8HVjWkLNycer/view?usp=sharing
  3. Can you do something for me? Can you go into the pak folder and open graphics26.zip. From there go into the folder models\heroes\guardian\ Is there a folder called "batteries" located in there? If so delete it.
  4. Oh snap, you're right. You gotta take Source Warden Focus then, to make it a true triple aspect build. Only then will all your SW CA's shine.
  5. Ancient Magic would be my choice. Kill things faster so they don't have a chance to hurt you. With Armor Lore, Constitution, Untouchable Force, and T-Energy Shroud boosted by Energy Shield Lore you should have enough survivability built in.
  6. It's funny reading my comments from 2014, where modding the game was a distant dream. The Alt. spells module should make the Dragon Mage into an absolute beast with Magic Staves, since it will add Dragon's Wrath and Elemental Strike to the lineup.
  7. It's not a bad game. I had the disk version from ages ago. I picked up the GOG edition when it premiered a few weeks back and fired it up just to see how it ran on my new rig. It was nice to revisit for a bit. The font enlargement mod is a must on modern monitors.
  8. That's because itemnames.csv was not included in 2.4 but I added it to correct English names in 3.0. This file should not be copied into a Russian installation. To correct, first disable EE 3.0 CORE, then delete the itemnames.csv file from within the Mod's locale/en_UK folder. Then reinstall the mod. That should fix it.
  9. Did you perform any kind of registry changes or other "hacks" to change the game's language? I don't know how an English itemnames.csv could have made it in there otherwise. The only Russian locale file distributed with EE is global.res. Is the folder directory: locale\ru_RU or locale\en_UK ?
  10. No rush, make all the corrections you need to. Just please make sure it's the same link that I'm accessing to pull the files (or that it's obvious what's current). I probably won't be releasing 3.1 until I finish the next iteration of D2F, which is in the works now.
  11. Gotcha. So the way it works is that Alt. Spells completely overwrites the CORE texts with its own global.res. This file is the same in every way except for the changed spell titles, descriptions, and modifications. So at all times, two versions of global texts must be maintained for each localization. I will have use yours as a base and paste in all the CORE strings. Ok. So it's not the global.res file. It's itemnames.csv and possibly some others in the locale folder. Since EE doesn't touch those files at all I can't see how it could be causing the issue. Can you look the game fo
  12. Alright. It's one or the other. Looks like Alt. Spells so I'll have to copy your changes into the CORE texts. Actually it might be easier if I copy the original strings into your altered file, cause it looks like you changed a lot of strings.
  13. Hello and welcome. Probably you need to "Show Hidden Files and Folders" before you will be able to browse to the correct directory.
  14. Thanks, can you remind me if that's Alt. Spells or the CORE texts? I need to know which texts I additionally need to edit with your changes. What language are the menu items, dialogues, and quest entries? It sounds like there is an English itemnames.csv installed which would make no sense unless your game language was set to English. Only the English localization in EE has that file.
  15. If you want to upload a corrected version of the file I will add it to the mod.
  16. Not to worry. Overwrite warnings are to be expected when the folders and/or files overlap. In this case, spawn.txt from SuperSpawn is overwriting the CORE EE spawn.txt. The mod enabler isn't smart enough to know if they're truly compatible, so it gives you a generic overwrite warning. The only is result is the mod enabler makes you uninstall in reverse order - you will see CORE EE greyed out in the list until SuperSpawn is uninstalled.
  17. Thanks for the link. I didn't realize anyone tried to do that before SuperSpawn. Well, there was a spawn editor out there at one point but it only worked with CM 1.30 and the creator took down all her stuff. Anyway, just use SuperSpawn that comes with EE. It's the same idea, just increasing mob density. The difference is my mods are guaranteed to be compatible. That thread is from 2009, so is built on an ancient version of the game. Would cause all kinds of issues.
  18. We'd tried to strike the right balance between avoiding the "waltz" and being able to strike enemies from unrealistically far away. The larger issue is the way targeting is coded, where the character doesn't recalculate often enough whether or not they're close enough to initiate the attack. It results in a not-so-comical chase.
  19. I did. All should be accounted for in EE. 9 1h and 7 2h. type1 = 2778, type2 = 2788, type3 = 2790, type4 = 2791, type5 = 13458, type6 = 13603, type7 = 13604, type8 = 13605, type9 = 13606, type10 = 11550, type11 = 11551, type12 = 11552, type13 = 11553, type14 = 11578, type15 = 11579, type16 = 11580,
  20. The reported bug is that rings are making lightsaber sounds. I've experienced this before, but I haven't run any methodical tests yet. I have also heard items make potion sounds inappropriately. However that may be D2F-specific since that's the only place I noticed that. I also can't remember what items made the sounds so I'll have to check.
  21. I searched all through your soundrprofile.txt and I couldn't find any instance where you might have addressed this. Is there some other script involved, maybe the "materialsound" line in material.txt?
  22. Thank you for the translation. I'll take care of it. You'll have to try to be patient. At any given time I have about 20 sub-projects I'm trying to advance, and splitting focus too much is a detriment to all.
  23. Yes, the vanilla buff durations do scale, but the durations also start much lower than the cooldowns. What I have done is saved the trouble of struggling and striving to catch up to the cooldown, and instead I handed the player an equal duration/cooldown ratio right off the bat. All that the player has to do is balance his regen times.
  24. The cooldown for RBoL does not increase. It remains at 60s, equal to the duration. If the duration got longer than that you could stack it which is not what it was balanced for. It will be up to the player to maintain regeneration times in order to keep them low enough so there is little to no downtime between casts.
  25. Is that some other mod out there I don't know about, or do you mean SuperSpawn that comes with EE? You'd want to use my spawn.txt
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