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  1. Just gone 8am so still to early to imbibe ( shocking for an Australian to say) going to finish getting new home office set up with the help of giant dog
  2. Oh so many years since I have had good Poutine I have to admit having so much fun playing Sacred again the last time my son was still shorter than me its still has a habit of booting me to desktop but I think that is more a win 10 thing mixed with sacred bugs but not to often to make it miserable ,
  3. Finally posting I actually joined way back in 2011 and spent many happy hours playing both Sacred and Sacred 2 ..as a level up day present today I brought another copy of Sacred 2 and with much fervent hoped got it working on my PC ( was terrified win 10 curse would hit again) I was overjoyed to get it working thanks to the community patch and lost three hours remembering why I loved this game.
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