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  1. Yeah right now im jsut trying to remember how to play and get used to the controls
  2. Always wanted to try them just didnt know where to go with it lol
  3. yeah im starting into now again are the builds still good to use or should I look for cm builds?
  4. So I have come back to playing scared 2 but before hand it was on 360. Now I mostly play these games on pc and advise? If there is a major difference if not no biggie. Thanks in advance
  5. Well looks like I was able to crack back into my account after the 4 years of being locked out of the email that I figured the password to. but he things happen... So hows everyone if there still here
  6. thanks. ill member that. I also know of alot of other diablo 3 clones if yall want info on them
  7. putt here. put I found a pic of the game on google but the graphics ar eout dated but idont look at them I look at gamehttp://www.gamervilla.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/01/age-of-titans-facebook-image-1.png
  8. I do but it wont let me on here tells me I dont have permisson to post.
  9. alright cant add screenshot of t5the actul gamer wont let me
  10. yeah its just like any other mmorpg. Theres around 1000 per server and they are 4. The makers have 4 other ones just like it. Ill try to post a video even tho I never can get the to upload on youtube. Lol.
  11. I started playing this and it is bye far to me one of the best browser based mmorpg. Its pretty much just like any download 5gb mmorpg out there but no download needed to play. And its all tied to facebook. Its still in beta but its open beta. So bugs and server problems hapen alot lol. If you would more info or screenshots I could get them in the next couple days.
  12. thanks I changed them over just waiting on them to change over
  13. alright so I takeing out, swords,speed,and CD, adding EP,Chamipon, and rideing or something. thanks for the help
  14. naw I think it pretty sweet just as it is. And man I cant type on a labtop lol im much better from my cell phone lol but thanks again for even working on the avatar.
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