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  1. For Sacred Citadel, there are 4 playable characters which means you can create different kinds of "teams" to play around with. Within each team setup, you can find your best role with each character (and equip weapons/armor and level it to your taste). So if you are playing with two friends, you can keep playing it again and again with different characters in different teams. But no, you can't have three of the same characters in one team/group because the idea is to support each other in co-op. If your friends are being anal about selecting the same character you want to play, I suggest u
  2. I'll see what I can do! A big difference with Ascaron is that I'm not in the office with the developers, so I have to jump through a number of loops to get things done when it comes to in-game content. But this sounds like a cool idea if it fits the game
  3. I'm from The Netherlands, but moved to Germany. So I figured I would keep the Dutch flag I don't know yet what final digital distribution platform for Sacred 3 on PC will be, although Steam is the largest one for PC games worldwide nowadays. As far as I know it won't be any kind of MMO-style client-server setup for the game itself. I would be surprised if it was anything like the Diablo III always-online setup, if that's what you mean, although these kind of decisions lay with the production team and the developer, not with community management. But I'll ask around to see what I can find
  4. Hi everyone! I'm Maurice, the new CM for Deep Silver. Or to be more specific: the International Community Manager. I only started at Deep Silver recently, so there has been a lot to catch up on. Then there was this little thing where we weren't announcing Sacred Citadel until this week, so there wasn't a whole lot I could tell you until now . I know it has been a long period of silence for the Sacred franchise in these past years, but from now on there will be more and more Sacred news to share. For now: Sacred Citadel (for Xbox Live Arcade/PlayStation Network/PC) is not Sacred 3
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