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  1. Just installed and I cannot get it to launch at all. I play on windows 10 and have the game on steam. Any ideas on how to get this to work? It's been a few years since I last played sacred 1 and 2 but the last time I did I modded 2 just fine and for s1 I was playing vanilla and sometimes veteran as I switched between the two.
  2. Use to play all the time at 1920x1080 and I got a new monitor recently which is a big increase...3840x1600 38" 144hz to say the least and I was wondering if there is any possible way I can run Sacred 2 at this resolution because my short testing on it has shown that the game renders everything perfectly fine however it is unplayable due to an insane amount of lag (I am running an i7 8700k, 2080ti and 48GB ram as well) However the lag will stop if I lower down to 2560x1600 and have black bars on the sides. Is this possible or is 2560x1600 the games limitation? worst case scenario I deal with the bars or switch the game to one of my other 2 monitors which are 1080p
  3. wow sorry about such a long delay on a reply lol, but I been through a lot these last couple months, ended up moving, no internet for quite awhile, and well after all that was done, lost track of things and forgot about this and took a break from the game. um yea a LONG time ago never had this issue, but for quite awhile as in last few years, always had this issue, not the only one either it seems, and if you google it...it's everywhere and I could never find a fix for it. P.S. I noticed my picture don't work anymore, must have been when I cleaned out my pictures on the site lol, eh no biggy it can be reuploaded in the future if I feel like it again and return lol.
  4. For a long time I have been unable to figure this out and thought I would bring this up here , since I couldn't find a solution anywhere else really. Pretty much what happens is me, my dad, my buddies and my cousin cannot join half the sacred 1 lan servers, no matter what it is like a 50/50 chance depending on the server, but most of the time it is 100% cannot join and get the error if we try, if I host or they host or join somebody else's server empty or with people. The same message always shows up if we are unable to join, here is a picture of what I am talking about. It gets really annoying when you need to mule stuff and need the help of another computer, because say 1 person is able to get in a server, the other(s) cannot. Which is what I was trying to do tonight again since we started sorta playing again and needed to mule some items for my dads dwarf lol. Any ideas?
  5. As the title says, does anybody still actively play the ps3 version of this game? I am asking because tomorrow morning I am going with my cousin to gamestop to buy this game for his ps3 and was wondering if online is still active enough to have fun with? I myself am a PC player for both Sacred 1 and 2, I am posting because he doesn't know about this forum and others.
  6. Still being worked on I see? how fairs the project? usable at all? sorry I had only just slightly returned to Sacred, playing PoE but I think I am about to switch back over lol. already been running a few other things like increased spawns, tiny icons, start island bosses, camera tweaks and etc. would those mess up with it?
  7. Website does not load properly so I cannot check it our, must be down or something, the facebook page is fine, I liked it to keep track, I hope it can get ported over to english eventually! Does anybody know what is going on with it? almost done? being worked on? just started or something? either way looking forward to this!
  8. you are correct, this is for sacred 1, already got the community patch for sacred 2 lol , and yes after a bit more testing I have been unable to get multiple clients to join each other, it just says lost connection or some crap so I gave up after awhile and just ended up joining one of those empty dedicated servers ( I use Tunngle to play, idk if there is anything better and more active for s1 and Sacred 2 )
  9. Extremely old but whatever lol, just now came across this...does not work, I run the batch file and I get an error "Please wait, Patching...Error: Old file have a different MD5!" then nothing.... this is the steam version of sacred gold but I don't think that matters, I do have retail but my disks are in storage, I did install veteran mod last night though. EDIT: found my disks and installed, works fine for the most part, just doesn't wanna open half the time and I have yet to get into a lan with myself, once both are loaded, I lose connection on the one hosted, and the other cannot see the server cause it crashed....took vet mod out for steam version, still errors. going to test out more stuff to see if I can get both versions to work.
  10. I quit playing 9 months ago due to me moving and not having internet for quite awhile, ended up buying steam versions of sacred 1 and 2 on steam as I wanted to get digital copies along with my disks. Been on my mind about returning quite a bit lately and I have been playing Path of Exile a ton (160 hours exact steam says) PoE has been giving me a MASSIVE Sacred itch, I am not sure which I would want to play first though because I LOVE BOTH, although s1 holds my love forever more, right before I stopped playing I was heavy into Sacred 2 and working on my seraphim level 132 still have her too, s1 I have like a level 32 left I think? idk been awhile lol. Once I start getting bored of PoE a bit I may start up again or just switch between the games...already switching between PoE and Rise of the Triad currently lol. P.S. I also have a Sacred steam group that I made around last winter and has 400+ members, rather dead right now because I have not been keeping up with it after I lost my internet for awhile, if I return I think I may start that back up and revive it again as a hobby you know since there are still many new players who do not know of this site and just use steam forums to chat and look things up about this series.
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