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  1. For a while I've been playing a game called "Enderal: Forgotten Stories", a stand-alone mod based upon the old (32bit) Skyrim engine; which I downloaded from Steam. From what I've gathered, this game is in fact a successor of the earlier "Nehrim: At Fate's Edge", which was based upon TES IV "Oblivion". And looking at the site, it seems there are either more titles in the works or being released using older Elder Scrolls engines. Now, while doing one of the faction quest lines in "Enderal", I had to enter a temple where I encountered a very familiar kind of vegitation an
  2. New -> not Gogo's glasses (considering he saw a D for a T.......) Thorin
  3. As said, went down south for a bit and had to confront that rotting lizzard. Needless to say the thing didn't stand much chance, although I had to keep moving to keep my CB being cast out of its range. An even more rotting lizzard After that it was just picking up the last few side quests to bring a scroll, a coward and a slave ring back to their rightful owners. Somewhere in between I also leveled up and for the first time I'm wondering if taking two supportive skills isn't overdoing things a bit. With my initial plan to spend points in WL and DL up to level 50 and
  4. New update today, with pictures! After leaving the Tyr-Haddar plains, I decided to escort the Unknown Warrior out of the forest, before jumping through the portal to the Oasis of Ahil-Tar. Took some screenshots while moving back to the castle, as it was save to do so anyway. So here they are, my current skills and the points I've invested in them: The total amount of skill points, inclusing bonii. and of course All skill points as they're allocated. After jumping through the portal, I picked up each and every quest available in
  5. I just realized it's been a while since I updated this topic; although I have spend some - occasional - time in leveling him. Yet, there isn't that much to tell since last post. I finished the quest to bring the two huntress back to their camp, accepted the quest of the Captain of the Tyr-Haddar Elves to kill the Ice Elf Priestess and just completed that. And killed the twin Frost dragons while being in the neighbourhoor too. All of that brought me to level 35; gave me another Throdan's Cap and Faldamar's Axe as drop; which will offer me a nice opportunity to keep my character
  6. Toes -> cheese Thorin :) And no, that has nothing to do with where I come from. :D
  7. tragedy -> Greek play. regarding hobbits; it wasn't the ring that did that; it were the circumstances that forced the hobbits to become more violent as they're nature was. Both the book and the movie(s) show that. First they're thinking the whole trip to take the ring to Rivendel is just some sort of field trip. Even after they have met Bombadil, they think that way; although they were already warned by him. But after their encounter with the ancient ghosts at the cemetary hills and more important, the Nazgul at the Watchtower, they some of them begin to understand
  8. And there I was... about to scream: "Bright light! Bright light!" *wobbles off into his mine again* Thorin
  9. Thanks for the kind words, Gogo. I have several reasons to post longer build topics. One of them is that I like to teach things to others and just reading "put 100 points in WL" isn't really helpful imho. Related to that, I prefer to give more details, as it makes gameplay easier for others who would like to copy the build. And last but not least, I like writing stories, although I haven't finished many. So writing long posts here is one way to satisfy that need. As for the name, is there any better? I know Dredbanger used to have a Dwarf called "vertically
  10. Did two sessions in the past two days and managed to get to Timberton - yesterday - and Crow's Rock Castle - today - without dying or even needing health potions. Considering I invest nothing in strength and constitution so far, I can confirm this Dwarf is actually stronger as my Seraphim. So what do things look like by now: Skills at Faeries Atributes at Faeries Looking at those, I think I know why the Dwarf is a lot stronger as the Seraphim; basically the way I have diverted the skill and atribute points. With the seraphim being a hybrid character, I had to put points
  11. With the build plan laid out in the first post, here's how things went so far. First thing I did this time was altering the settings file to make sure I would start with two blanc skills at the start. This time I managed to get that done and started by choosing Weapons Lore and Dwarven lore as my first skills. I also gave my guy a somewhat fancy looking name tag, but you'll see that when I post a screenshot. The adventure started by creating a Hack & Slash LAN game at a private server; which would have me ending up at the starter's island. From there it wa
  12. As said in another topic, after I found out that me Seraphim isn't as strong as I hoped she'd be, I decided to focus at playing a Dwarf. And as usual, picking the Cannonblast / Flamethrower build, as I consider that one to be the most fun and strongest there is. In general my build is based upon this dude, when it comes to skills and atributes; with the exception that I'll add trade and forging to his list. Meaning I have to skip one skill at some point to get Forge Lore added. The reason I aim at both supporting skills, is that the dwarven Forge Lore has a better bonus,
  13. I tried to access Tyr Fasul with this seraphim yesterday, but gave up when I had to swallow several potions in a row to survive. Knowing I have to kill a Dragon to continue the main quest, I've decided to put her on halt - or even stop completely - until I've worked out a better way to deal with her lack of resistance and health.j However...................... *drumroll* *longer drumroll* *even longer drumroll* *Smacks drummer to stop the drumroll* Right; However..... *eyes the drummer to
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