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  1. http://www.essortment.com/all/batata_rkdh.htm http://greatbigvegchallenge.blogspot.com/2...-for-eddoe.html
  2. Gogo they had those in the grocery stores in Canada when I use to live there, in the frozen food section though. So you might have them there and just didn't notice them http://www.wild-harvest.com/pages/fiddlehead.htm
  3. Home of the famous Borg BBQ's
  4. Albertsons a grocery store use to carry a line of foods from Essentia. Essentia made everything from salad dressing to frozen pizza's ( my fav) and no matter what you bought if it had that manufacture's name on it, it was great. But don't know if that Canadian company went out of business or what but Albertsons no longer carry any of their products oh and I love pickle flavor potato chips
  5. Was in a local store today and saw a BBQ utensils I haven't seen befor and it was on sale - for 3.99 you cant go wrong. It helps you hang chicken drumsticks or chicken wings. So of course I bought it *lol*
  6. Just ran across this thread I have a Weber charcoal kettle grill and its great, but doesnt have a thermometer this solves the problem. I ordered it today 14 bucks not bad http://www.bbqsource-forums.com/invboard/I...?showtopic=2337
  7. I finally got my computer. Had to wait 2.5 months but every week I waited the builder ( a computer tech friend) said he was sorry and added some goodies to it. The final results = a 1600 dollar computer for 500 dollars, well worth the wait Clear sided case processor AMD Phenom X4 9500 @ 2200MHZ (Quad) memory 4096MB video card NVIDIA nForce 750a SLI hard disk 1 terribyte 2- DVD drives so I can copy DVD's with out swapping them out. A Hanns 22 inch monitor ( I paid for that separately )
  8. Genenut is right. Get a pre-loaded debit card. 1.If its stolen there is only what you have on it at the time that can be stolen 2.Get paypal. I have bought 167 items on ebay with it and use it at many other internet sites. Never a problem. 3. Only downside is I believe using that type of card instead of a reg. bank issued card is you do nothing to improve or build a credit rating. But you cant lose much either
  9. I quit going to the fast food joints awhile back ( well maybe Taco Bell but rarely even there) I prefer to take the time and cook my own. But I do use carry out at the local restaurants abit
  10. Christmas Hugs attack!!!

  11. Merry Christmas everyone from the Borg BBQ
  12. And that is yet another reason I left Canada and moved to a tropical island
  13. Just received Peggle today ( doesnt say deluxe but I don't care) put it on my computer and on the wife's computer. Hopefully next month we will say hi to each other but for now - head phones on and yippeee games away *lol*
  14. Loved the game peggle, the wife and I played it for a while. Going to order the cd. Because hopefully it can be installed on more than one computer. Does anyone if that is possable? So many you can only install on one. Bejeweled I can play off the same cd on more than one computer with out getting another code. May get one for my granddaughter too
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