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  1. Well let's make this happen! So about extracting those files?
  2. This was my fav Sacred fansite in the day, still is. Great info and screenshots that a lot of others don't have.
  3. Hello! I was wondering if anybody has tried 3d printing anything form Sacred 2 before? Also is there away to extract the models for 3Ds? Lots of cool things to print from this! Thanks.
  4. speaking of lava, can someone tell me why the lava textures on the wall skips frames sometimes?
  5. I like the effect a lot. I'm going to wait until the patch is finished. The last patch messed up my save and lost some set items for some reason Still providing ideas and feedback though
  6. Oh sweet! I would be very happy if that's what it is and that it's fixed.
  7. I think Dmitriy is the catalyst to all this. This is just so awesome I could pee myself! I know there are a lot of stuff from the past that you guys tried to get working. Would be cool to maybe revisit those old ideas and see if Dmitriy can get them working. Major thanks to Dmitriy and the patch team and keeping sacred 2 fresh <3
  8. Any chance we could get Sacred 3 added to the wiki? Please don't chance me with pitch forks!
  9. Not sure if this is in the same area or anything but do any of you stutter for a second when the harbinger of death summon? Not sure if it's the effect or it loading the model, textures, and ai in the game. It would be great if you could clear it up.
  10. Welcome to the best place on earth for all things Sacred!
  11. I wonder what else Dmitriy could find that others have looked at or have tried to get working.
  12. I don't think I've ever been this excited about a patch before? I like how you guys are asking us more and more about the patch this time around. 170 will be even better
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