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  1. I am hoping I could get some advice around fliers. These were trivial with my Wood Elf, but seem a lot tricker with the Seraphim. My current Seraphim is clvl20 (almost 21) and has just finished doing the side-quests at Faries Crossing (about to move onto Crow's Rock Castle). It has been slow going and difficult, but this is the furthermost I have taken a Seraphim before. I had some difficulty with the Family Ties quest. The wizard and harpy went down easily enough, but the little dragon-thingie was a PITA. Once it would start flying I would take huge damage and was uncertain whether
  2. I have tried every class except Dark Elf and Gladiator. Basically, they are the two classes that look least interesting to me. Both are primarily melee-focused classes, and I never enjoy melee-focused classes in this genre. That is ultimately why I became bored of the Vampiress very quickly too.
  3. I have found myself doing most side quests in Sacred (not so much in Sacred 2). They are generally quick to do, and the rewards feel worth it. I have always picked-up the Rescue the Novice quest, however. Why is it best to trigger it by entering? I knew you could get health potions from wells; I did not know an NPC gives you one in Bellevue. I will speak to him next time! I also did not know you could configure when the low-health prompt appears; I will change that next time I load (I always felt it was too low). I started the Seraphim over and finished the start of Bronze (just
  4. Thank you for the advice. It seems like it would take an awful lot of grinding to get her back on track. It would probably be faster (given how early I am in the game) to just restart her. I will use the Seraphim you are currently playing as a template this time.
  5. I am mostly playing my Wood Elf (cruising through Gold), but keep coming back to my Seraphim. I struggled through the Goblin Lawn, but finally managed to reach Porto Vallum. I am still struggling with the goblins, however, and Orc Champions are out of my league. I wanted to check if I have completely messed up and need to restart, or if this is salvageable. She is clvl19 in Silver. I *think* I have split her attributes 14 Physical Regeneration and 5 Magical Regeneration, but I cannot be certain. Her Skills are: Magic Lore (5), Weapon Lore (15+1), Concentration (14), Heavenly Magi
  6. I started the Wood Elf in Gold, and there was definitely no need for me to be concerned about her level. If anything, I am finding the start of Gold easier than the start of Silver. I should be able to visit the Desert with her soon, so that will be a very interesting experiment. I have obviously completely misinterpreted the Goblin Lawn! Because it is mostly Goblins, and they are one of the first enemies you encounter, I assumed they were not worth the effort and try to get my characters to Porto Vallum ASAP. Based on this information, that is likely half the problem I have had in th
  7. I can hardly believe it. I finally beat Sacred on Silver! When the game prompted me to do so, I exported her to move into Gold. I have a few questions. Two are very straight-forward, but the other may be trickier to find answers for. The first is simple enough. I was at clvl46 (almost 47) when I finished Silver. Is it OK to start Gold at this level, or would I find myself struggling and should grind in Silver first? I have a save from just before I exported that I can use if I need to grind. The second is a little longer. My understanding of the skills in Sacred is that the d
  8. I currently have three bows: one with physical & magic damage, one with physical & fire, and one with physical & poison. My gear mostly has a mix of +skills, +CAs, -regen, and +speed/attack speed. I currently have a Vampiress rune socketed too for some life leech (I do not feel like it makes a huge difference, however). I recently gained a +7 Multiple Shot item, which has slightly blown the regen out, but otherwise I have kept it at duration. Exploding Arrow regen is not too bad and I use it as my every second attack at the moment (regen is marginally longer than attack tim
  9. I have tried most of the classes, mostly several times in the past. In the past I usually played as far as the desert where I would find the character usually gets stuck (those desert Orc groups of a Leader, three melee, and two archers chew-up my characters, and often spawn 2-3 groups near each other), but when I reinstalled this time I made a whole bunch of starts (about 1.5-2 hours each) and quickly gave up on all bar the Wood Elf. I quickly gave-up on the Battle Mage (Bronze/clvl7) as I was finding him too hard (fragile + regen times). The Daemon was strong but I was finding i
  10. I have played Sacred Gold many times, but I have never finished it. Most characters I get to the desert, find it too hard, and give up. I once before got a little further, but similar problem. I have just gotten a character up to the Frost Dragon and, prior to this, was thinking I may finally finish Silver. I was not making any meaningful headway, however. I am playing a Wood Elf archer. My build, if relevant: Level 36, every attribute point into Physical Regeneration (gear is boosting Dexterity and Physical Regeneration). Agility 18+2, Weapon Lore 36, Concentration
  11. Thanks for the help! I did the Evocator quest-line, then went to the desert where I ended up doing most of the quests. I only gained marginal gear improvements, for the most-part, but I gained +1000 HP (from +life, +Vitality, and +Constitution) as well as some +Dual Wield (for more attack speed). I then set up a Combo of Hallowed Restoration+Assailing Somersault+Pelting Strikes, switched to Poison Relics, and did some hit-and-run. I only dropped below 50% health a couple of times and never had any difficulty healing back up. I got a bit worried when something bugged and I found both the G
  12. Thanks for the replies. I will try the hit-and-run combo, but I will try and improve my gear first (more HP, attack speed, perhaps block:stun). What would you suggest is the most efficient way to improve my gear? I would imagine, lacking Bargaining, that shops are unlikely to help. I could keep running the first three Guardians (which were easy enough) and then save/quit, but the first time I hit them up I only got a pile of trash so it may not be efficient. Would the Orc Cave be a good plan?
  13. I recently reinstalled Sacred 2 Gold (Steam) with the CM Patch. Having changed PCs since I last played, I had now lost all my characters (d'oh!). I decided I would just restart them all, beginning with what had been my only Platinum character: a hybrid Seraphim (I used Rocker's Celestial Dual Wield guide). I have got through most of Silver with little difficulty, but I have hit a massive roadblock with the Nameless Guardians. I killed the first three without any issue, but cannot make a dent on the fourth. He does about 2/3 of my health per hit and kills me faster than I can heal. My
  14. Just adding that I found a thread that confirmed this to be what I suspected. You get 1 point/level at the beginning, 2/level from clvl3, 3/level from clvl 12 and 4/level from clvl30. I took a Wood Elf through to clvl12 in Bronze and Exported so she is ready for Silver, but I found her a little dull. Could just be because it is too early (or just Bronze), but I think I will try getting a Daemon to clvl12 today to see if that is any more engaging.
  15. I played Sacred Gold a year ago. Put in 100+ hours, had a lot of fun, but burned myself out. In all that time, I made absolutely no progress in the game. I kept starting new characters, trying them out, then moving onto a new idea. I want to give this game another go, but a little more focused. It looks like my old characters have disappeared (may have accidentally deleted them), so I have to start again based on my memories/feelings of the classes. Just a simple question to begin. I wrote down the builds I used at the time, but there is something in my notation I do not remember th
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