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  1. New content incoming -

    summons will be cool!

    Also adding hardcore-only leaderboard soon



    Hey Players,

    As I keep adding all of your great requests to our todo list, I notice some major mechanics that are often repeated (and many were on our list before even launching!). There are some big features we want to implement, and Bobby gets back from vacation at the end of this week, so I'm hoping to hit the ground running with one or more of these and get them in next week. These are all at least two weeks out, so don't get too antsy now.

    Please give your feedback about the designs of these mechanics, as there is some tricky stuff to work out. Bolded the important questions.

    Please also say how you'd rank these in terms of which we should focus on first, thanks!


    • I want to add the ability for you to customize how your hero prioritizes which monster to kill. This will probably be either added as a new kind of card mod, or just a new setting.

    • Do you want to be able to set how your hero targets things overall, or per skill?

    • Instead of just 'closest', it would be nice to sort targets by 'highest hp', 'lowest hp', 'lowest % hp', 'highest damage' (for each damage type), 'ranged', etc...

    • Alternately, they could be filters instead of sorts. 'Only target enemies at >90% HP', 'Only target enemies which deal poison damage', 'Only target enemies whose weakest resistance is fire', 'only target ranged enemies', 'Only use when 3+ enemies nearby', 'only target mini-boss/bosses'...

    • Current targeting system is kind of tightly coupled with how the skillchain works - each skill tries to find any enemies it can hit within range, and goes for the closest one. Implementationally it is easier to implement a 'setting' target scheme that has 'sort' effects, and a skill card as 'filter' effects.

    • Consider the following skillchain and situation:

      Quick hit > Fireball

      Highest HP targeting style - global

      If there were 3 monsters in the room: two close at low health, and one ranged at full health far away, your hero will use quick hit, alternating between the two nearby monsters until they are killed, then quick hit cannot be used, so Fireball is shot at ranged monster. If changed targeting to lowest hp, would be slightly faster as you'd focus on one nearby enemy at a time.

      Changing the skillchain to Fireball > Quick hit would make you shoot your fireball, alternating to whichever monster had the most health remaining. On further thought, Highest HP targeting probably wont be very useful until we have DoTs. Lowest health would make your fireballs track the two incoming melee monsters until they were dead, and then shoot the ranged.

      Alternatively, we could change the meaning of the skillchain, so Targeting is the first priority if more than one monster is within range of your skills, and range is checked after, meaning if you had Quick-hit > Fireball, and priority "ranged first" you would use fireball as long as the ranged enemy is within range, only attacking melee enemies after the ranged attacker is dead.

    • I think 'filter' effects may be clearer to the player. You have a poison spell: 'only target low poison resist' - now it only gets shot at the two monsters in the zone which have low poison resistance. Put a nova on yourself with 'only with 3+ nearby enemies' and now it only goes off when there are many nearby enemies. Add a HP leech spell that only goes off when you encounter a boss, etc. Simple to understand how it works.

    • Overall I think the first option adds the most diversity in strategies, but I'm not really sure

    • What kind of targeting system sounds good to you?


    • We need to add ways for your character to move perpendicular to enemies, zig zag, and other various movement styles to better avoid incoming projectiles and get within skill range. Additionally, new movement styles should open up possibilities for interesting new enemies too. There are two ways we could implement movement, and potentially could do both, but lets pick one for the near term:
    • Configure base movement to different styles - currently we have only one movement algorithm: when you can't otherwise do anything, you move to get your shortest range skill in range. We could have a number of different movement styles as non-numerical mods, or just a new sort of setting, each giving your player a different base movement behavior.

      One could cause you to circle enemies at your ideal range.

      One could make you run away when things are cooling down, and charge in when they can be used (which could be used to evade melee attacks).

      One could give you a serpentine zigzagging that would let you dodge projectiles as you charge

      One could be 'drunken' and cause your hero 'stumble around' randomly, which may dodge bullets

      One could be 'wallhugger' and would make your character circle the outside edge of the room

      If we go this route, we'll likely make it so only part of the skill duration interrupts movement (so you can still move a bit when always attacking) - making all skills a bit more like mobility or ninja stance.

    Movement Skills

    • We can add new skills that are used like any other, but have the effect of moving your character to a different location (as well as other possible effects).

      Some examples:

      'leap' -makes your melee character quickly move to directly in front of the enemy, cannot be hit while in the air.

      'teleport' - spell makes your character appear at a random different point in room

      'backstab' - cooldown melee skill that teleports you to behind an enemy and deals high damage.

      'side step' - quickly moves your character perpendicularly to the direction of the enemy

      'power cower' teleport to random room corner

    • Which of these two options for additional movement customization appeals to you most? I'm leaning towards the first one, but interested in your input.


    • Summons will be pretty straightforward to implement. Planning on implementing them so they can be triggered by skills directly (as in that's all the skill does, 'Summon skeleton'), or indirectly (summon skeleton on kill, 'bone harvest' melee attack).

    • Should summons persist across multiple rooms? We could either go the route that the do, and are harder to summon and last longer. Or - summons could disappear between each room, would be shortlived, but have more damage.


    • I think we could add a lot of interesting complexity with a buff/debuff system, but it entails a lot of tricky engine work to support everything.

    • We definitely want to implement damage over time, temporary damage, defense, attack speed, move speed, etc. buffs. There are two ways we can do this:

    • 1 - We restrict the set of what can be buffed, and make all buffs occur after other stats are computed. This would mean a '30% increased fire damage' buff wouldn't benefit someone who has converted 100% of fire to poison with chemistry - which would be kind of weird. However, taking this route would be a much less CPU intensive, as we don't have to recompute stats. If we did this, we likely would make buffs broader "increased damage' vs 'increased fire dmg'.

    • 2 - The better, and harder to build, solution is to make the buff system so it can modify any stats. If we fully support conversions (phys buffs benefit fire damage if phys converted to fire), we'll have to do a complete stat recompute for each buff. To do this efficiently, we'll have to cache multiple copies of each entities stats with each possible combination of active buffs and debuffs on it. To keep this efficient, we'll likely have to limit the maximum number of different buffs that can be present at a time to avoid n2 problems. (Maybe each entity can have a max of one buff and one debuff at a time, getting a new one overwrites the old one).

    • Should we go the simpler route, which allows a greater quantity of different buffs, or the harder route, which allows for greater diversity in buffs, but limit buff count I'm thinking probably the harder one.

    • The buff system could also include elemental status ailments. Do you think we should add these, and what should each elements' ailment be?

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  2. Here is a vid of someone playing with splashing hit build - with 50x speed - knife through butter :)





    Explanation and build :

    What you see here is a "melee" character who has depending on the setup either 14000 or 8000 range at my level and hit one mob every 0.23ms/.15ms for 1.5B/2.3B damage. But the real beauty of it is the fact it is instant damage not like piercing shot where your projectile has to travel (or sweep too for you mexd, I tried it too for about 5 minutes, not as good)

    The build works by having a lot of dodge and the fact that you clear mob this fast they very rarely get a chance to shoot at you first making the dodge more relevant as you are hit less times, furthermore with 14000 range you will hit off screen which even further increase your survivability, I am sure that build 2 can hit offscreen too at later levels. You also have the 2 big Wisdom card which makes my ele dmg be 0.00 on screen atm, sometimes more, making you almoste negate the elemental hits

    Build 1 for All maps but Dark Forest and Decaying Temple (sometime works with temple depending on your accuracy)

    Items : Winged Axe : Sharpened, Hateful Blade, Telescopic Handle, Semi Automatic, Minimum Tolerances

    Dodgers Cap : Soulsucker, Balanced, Quick Reactions, Keen Wit, Bloodsucker

    Goldenscale Gauntlets : Ethereal, Steady Hands, Vampiric Touch, Grabby Arm, Dexterious Hands

    Shadow Armor : Buff, Clockwork, Small Stature, Nimble, Jetpack

    Elf Boots : Ninja Stance, Compression Shorts, Rollr Skates, Goblin Toe, Sure Footing

    Splashing Hit : Mobility, Micronaps, Shorter Cooldowns, Precise, Long Reach

    Build 2 for Dark Forest and Decaying Temple :

    Items : Spiked Battle Axe : Sharpened, Hateful Blade, Telescopic Handle, Semi Automatic, Minimum Tolerances

    Dodgers Cap : Soulsucker, Balanced, Eagle Eye, Keen Wit, Bloodsucker

    Goldenscale Gauntlets : Ethereal, Steady Hands, Vampiric Touch, Grabby Arm, Dexterious Hands

    Shadow Armor : Buff, Clockwork, Small Stature, Nimble, Flying

    Elf Boots : Thwomping, Compression Shorts, Rollr Skates, Goblin Toe, Sure Footing

    Splashing Hit : Mobility, Micronaps, Shorter Cooldowns, Precise, Long Reach

    There you go, my contribution to this game :)



    spell with maxed out Area of Effect :P


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  3. No I don't have a vid of my guy



    Read the tutorial it helps, but yeah it takes a bit to figure out

    Bascially the stats go up per level like Diablo 3. But you choose your weapons, armour/items and skills in the INV tab

    These level up as you fight on their own.

    So you can respec any time you like, and save them to a slot with shift+number (enabled in the config tab)


    Clicking on each equipped weapon/armour and skill in the CARD tab, allows you to assign any cards you have found to each, and this is where you start to define your build.

    Each item /skill can hold 6 such cards

    To level these cards up you have to craft each one from items found by killing monsters. However you can set to auto level up equipped cards, a big time saver!




    Anyway I reskilled my guy to a composite bow user, with fire arrow, with extra projectiles.

    I fully min maxed him to boost Physical damage %, and them converted to huge amounts of fire damage.

    Plus also very low shot duration, by stacking items/cards with minus skill duration, so I fire very fast.,

    And massive amounts of health leach from Physical and fire damage.

    I only have 100hp/sec health regen but 3k health leech per shot, with 10k max hitpoints :)

    And I can shoot 4 shots a second fanned out into 3 projectiles

    302+k damage per shot, 1.3 million DPS, but I've actuall had it as high as 4+ million DPS, depending on which cards I equip, but I've changed to maximise my survival since killing isn't the problem right now :P


    My guy can't dodge, only 1% chance, but only takes 1-2% physcial damage from massive armour and 3-4% elemental damage, from stacking resists. Even so I have been killed with bosses since I'm into level 250+ zones, while my guy is level 87

  4. Hmm a new ARPG, still in early access

    Has gamepad support

    So when I first jumped in, I expected the kind of gameplay you saw in Van Helsing. Except the movement is altogether a bit weird at first. Using the keyboard to roam around, when your brain expects to use the mouse is jarring and extremely weird. Once you’re done through the sort of tutorial type area, you’ve basically learnt most of the concepts in the game. You can dodge roll, you can equip two weapons once you’ve unlocked the slot, you have cards you can equip to provide passive bonuses, and you have demon powers. Added on to that, you can jump as well as wall jump off of flat facing walls. The best thing is, the wall jumping isn’t a sort of “here’s a predetermined wall we made for you to jump off of”, you can literally jump wherever you please (within map boundaries), and jump off of just about any wall-like edge. Once you’ve learned the basic concept of movement, dodging and jumping, the overall movement in the game is bloody glorious. I’m going to go back to PoE at some point and become frustrated with what I’ve seen incorporated in a dungeon crawler. I don’t know how best to describe it, you need to play the game to realise how well keyboard control, rolling and jumping works in this kind of genre.


  5. I bought it cheap from Green Man gaming as a preorder.


    So far so good. There are so many must have mods, which change the game for the btter, fills in the gaps that the devs missed. Steam Works makes it easy to browse and grab these

    In fact a few of the mods have been incorporated into recent patches :)

    I really like the first person camera mod, really gives you a nice idea of what your city is like down on the ground, GTA style


    Very easy to create custom content. I made a few smaller parks and car parks. Then you can slot them into your game.

  6. Magicmaker is a pretty interesting ARPG'ish platform game with a unique magic system that pretty much allows you to do any kind of magic/pet build you can think of by combining things!



    here is someone's minion build



    Magicmaker is a spellcrafting-focused platformer dungeon-crawler where you can be the wizard you've always wanted to be!

    Literally 2 Million Different Spells to Craft Magicmaker is powered by an amazing Spellcrafting system that can make nearly anything. Have you ever wanted to shoot poisonous lightning lasers? Throw freezing fireballs? Build turrets that fire waves of miniature suns? Or summon hordes of adorable jelly minions? How about firing lasers that shoot exploding black holes that suck out your enemies' life force? You can totally do that in Magicmaker. How Do I Make Exploding Laser Black Holes That Steal Souls? Or any of that other sweet stuff?!

    Its super easy.
    • During your adventure you'll find materials.
    • Each material has a specific effect, like lifesteal, bouncing off walls, or lighting stuff on fire.
    • Combine materials to make spells and robes!
    • 40 different materials means there's all kinds of fun interactions and combinations to make.
    • Spellcrafting System that can create over 2 million combinations! I know I said that earlier, but hot dang, that's a huge number.
    • Robecrafting System for passive effects! That's right, there's 2 million unique combinations here too.
    • Equip special artifacts with unique powers! Check out these totes ancient and mystical relics.
    • Total Wizard Customization! Just go ahead and customize the heck out of your wizard. Totally.
    • Randomly Generated Levels! I mean, this is an indie game in 2014. Isn't that kind of required now?
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  7. Alpha 7 - big update


    -Stuff system allows you to build walls, furniture, and other structures out of arbitrary materials.
    -New stats system for calculating and reporting thing stats from skill, race, stuff, and other factors.
    -There are now multiple types of stone: sandstone, granite, marble, slate, and limestone.
    -There are now multiple mineable minerals: metal, silver, gold, plasteel.
    -Leather harvesting from animals, and cloth harvesting from cotton crops. Special space-tech cloth types.
    -Make clothing from arbitrary fabrics or leathers.
    -Reworked damage deflection chance per-damagetype armor system. Some animals and mechanoids have natural armor.
    -New biome: tropical rainforest. A choking, disease-infested jungle. Disease rates are linked to biomes.
    -Prosthetic limbs, from simple to complex: peg legs, wood dentures, simple prosthetics, enhanced bionic limbs and eyes.
    -Organ harvesting and transplanting.
    -Diseases: flu, plague, malaria, sleeping sickness.
    -Chronic conditions (age-related): Cataracts, bad back
    -A bunch of new traits. Brawler, prosthophile, and more
    -New trade system and interface.
    -Traders carry and buy any item, including prosthetics, neurotrainers, organs, slaves, weapons, apparel, commodities.
    -Neutrotrainers: Matrix-style instant training devices.
    -Lockable doors
    -Melee weapons: Club, knife, spear, shiv, short sword
    -New animals: cobra, monkey, camel, tortoise, boar, rhino.
    -Storyteller redesigned and rebalanced.
    -Visitors carry their own food and hopefully won't raid your food supplies.
    -Translations can be set to avoid using tiny text (useful for Asian languages where tiny characters are unreadable).
    -Rewritten credits system integrates translator credits from each translation automatically.
    -Piles of other additions, fixes, and tunings.


    I came across this game called Dwelvers, it's like a modern but better Dungeon Keeper :)

    Tried the demo and it's pretty good, more sim than DK. Kind of like Evil genius, dungeon keeper meets dwarf fortress lite

    A surface world will be added, which I think will allow you to raid human villages/castles, and they will also raid your dungeon etc

    Pretty polished so far



    That is very lovely mix of Dungeon Keeper and Minecraft. Finally a 3D dungeon construction. Hope you get to flood enemy dungeons.


    Though I have some minor issues with the gameplay. The wall reinforcement is too fast. The monster selection is uninspired. The “fill in the holes” mechanic is easy to abuse. Mixing the summoning portal with the dungeon heart removes the commando missions.


    well it's still Early Access right now - but here is the road map



    Something that will be worked on and improved during the whole development of Dwelvers
    - Creature AI and behaviour

    - Battle system.

    - Building costs, creature strength and other features that balance the game.


    Smaller planned features
    - Better tutorial.

    - More languages.

    - More player control over creature production.

    - Squad system for creatures.

    - Somewhat automatized equipment system.

    - The Piggeh creature.

    - More creature types working in different rooms.

    - Game optimization (higher FPS).

    - Lightning bolt spell.

    - Kettle farm for farming rope, leather and meat.

    - Butchery.


    Big features that will have sub features
    - The surface world.

    - Moddable buildings.

    - Multiplayer.

    - Campaigns.


    This is not all features we plan! More features will pop up during the development!


    When these features has been implemented, then the already implemented features will be expanded upon. For example, more creature types, more buildings, more spells, more campaigns etc. I don't want to expand already existing features to much before already planned features has been implemented. This is so that I don't have to redo to much.


  9. Indie ARPG


    In Exilium is a hack & slash role playing game in the same vein as games like Diablo, yet focuses on minimalism, exploration and discovery as opposed to creating an expansive RPG environment. It is a simple, exploration driven experience, comprised of action based combat, character attribute customization and random item generation to accommodate many diverse play styles. There are many enemies and bosses to defeat as well as plenty of puzzles to solve and secrets to explore. There is no hand-holding throughout the game, everything must be discovered by the player.

    You play as a king who has been exiled to a strange, hostile world by an unknown force. There are no other characters and no quests to help you along the way. Only through exploration can you learn why you were exiled and how to return…



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