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  1. Van Helsing 2 has everything Torchlight has, ie a Merc/Pet that can tank, range or absorb damage for you, while doing buffs, muling and shopping.

    Unlimited respecs with money, even respec perks. And money is easy to get,

    And lots of quality of life things like being able to slot items into gear, but still be able to separate them back out and not lose either.

    And I think the builds and character development is better than TL2, which I found pretty shallow. Grimdawn is pretty good here, but still not finished yet.

    Scared 2 wasn't all that deep or flexible IMO


    Kripp's build, and game play at around 17:50

  2. Seems like pretty good ARPG, Kripp is enjoying it - he died quite a few times playing hardcore at the highest level, so he had to back down to the second highest :)

    he's been streaming it the last 3 days



    Has all the features that make life easier without dumbing down like Diablo 3 - ie respecs, can remove runes/stuff from gear without destroying the item and runes, a "pet" (female ghost) that can tank and go shopping for ya etc

    KInda like has the best features from Torchlight and other games :P

    And even a dungeon Tower defense side game...


  3. This game is a bit like sci fi Dwarf Fortress, but looks like Prison Architect

    I love it, it is one of the few recent games that really keeps you glued with the emergent game play

    Building your base, fighting raiders etc.

    Still Alpha, and already a lot of fun



    Alpha 3 features - dev video


    Let's play - alpha 3

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  4. Looks like Skyrim done right :)

    The hyper-detailed historical RPG heralds from a small army of developers who once steered the creation of Mafia and Arma, among many others. Despite coming from a relatively small team by triple-A standards, the games production values are through the roof, and the dev team really wants it all: Skyrim-like exploration, a Mount and Blade-style world, entirely procedural combat, and choice reactivity inspired by The Witcher.


    Impressive character engine



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