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  1. I'm using Spectral throw with my Scion, with a Pole arm I found which had higher attack speed 1.35x and DPS than any of the 2 handed swords or staff I found, but staves can block...

    With Leap slam for mobility. Animate Weapon for minions :)

    Will try and get Animate Guardian latter for an extra minion, along with a skeleton + heal totem for tanking


    And it seems like it can stun lock bosses?! I only have LMP gem attached to it, no weapon specific and stun passives.

    At least it seemed like it when I took on the Vaal robot boss - he wasn't doing much most of the time


    The point where the spectral throw projectiles flip back, they keep spinning, but slow down and a bunch will gather at that point to hit the boss rapidly

    So fast rotation is good, combined with slow projectile speed....

    The projectiles also follow you, so slow speed + leap slam = good for kiting


    Spectral throw is kinda OP with damage - projectile passives boost it, physical damage does as well, along with weapon passives, not to mention support gems...


    I also found some low level unique shoes that increase speed by 20% and I cannot be frozen, handy :)


    I reinstalled it on Steam and linked my beta account and all is well :)

    Did you notice periodic split second pauses once you'd done that, seems I was but wasn't sure if it was just 1.0 or Steam integration. I was most pleased that when I linked my account that the achieves I'd already got in game popped straight up in Steam once I viewed them. Pretty neat.



    Can't say I noticed anything different TBH




    Had my first 3 vs 3 PvP deathmatch today - was quite fun - my Scion/Team lost 1:5 :)

  3. I reinstalled it on Steam and linked my beta account and all is well :)


    experimenting with Scion and Spectral throw - so confused as to how this build will go!

    replaying from start in Domination league - so much new content and stuff


    I've left all my other characters with their reset passives for now


    Man all the Anarchy league stash got moved to the Standard league, as remove only stash spaces.

    And me being the "pack mule" that I am, is having a hard time choosing what to trash and what to keep :/



    edit - where is all the PvP stuff?

  4. Funny - there is a Diablo 2 inspired "Cow" level in this game called Bovine Sector you can craft :)

    To get to Bovine Sector (Cow Level), you need a recipe for a crafter). The recipe is a drop from a fortune card, and it is a Hood's medallion, a Sabretooth's medallion, a Rhino's medallion, a Taskmaster's medallion, and a Wizard's medallion and 10,000 credits. It takes 1 hour to craft.

  5. I chose Scarlet Witch as my free starter character - at first I wasn't sure if I made the right decision, but now I'm glad I did... :)


    Now I'm at level 28, just about the start the last chapter of Normal mode, before going onto to Heroic/SuperHeroic Game+/++ modes

    She is a Area of Effect teleporting/flying, passive aura of destruction, guided range attack, "cursing" freak! :)



    When I have her Enfeebling aura up - works a bit like Arctic Armour in POE (Path of Exile), migtates against all the trash mob hits and DOT effects with a flat damage reduction, but also weakens and slows enemies on touch

    And the other Ruinous Flux aura - this is my AFK mob killer with huge range with the Dr Octapus Medal - I just stand around a spawn point, AFK, and come back to loot :P

    It Procs twice a second for every enemy individually in the radius, so criticals are so common.


    I have 4 pieces of gear that are "Cosmic" level epics - 2 proc an alien summon minion on hit, even at the low %, I always seem to summon 2, and sometimes 3 of them in any fight.

    And the other item procs a shield on me getting hit, and my weapon item procs a Area of Effect blast also when I get hit - great for AFK :D


    I just don't like the fact she's female and her costume...

    I have enough shards to get another hero by the end of chapter 8, currently at 270+ shards, and I get 100 at the end of Chapter 8 as a reward I believe. Need 400 for the 2nd most popular heroes.

    Also found two Retcon respec items so far, so I will play around with some builds

    this helps http://www.marvelbase.com/builds/generator/scarlet-witch#vvrrvn/


    One thing - you do get gear that grants skills at a certain level, way before you actually unlock them level wise, so you are able to preview them - so you can plan your build ahead of time by trying them all out - nice

    They also can sttack you skills way above the skill tree limit.


    I've tried a few non story/quest - daily "maps" and they are good for items and other currency, and you get them way before endgame - POE could learn from this!


    Farming is quite lucrative - I get a ton of drops, mostly because there are so many mobs and you can tear through them with her - teleport from mob to mob, works like leap slam in POE, and the Runious Flux aura DOT kills them as well ;)

    More loot and crafting items means more stash space needed :(

    I pretty dontate all the green items to the vendors to level them up



    Reminds me of the Paladin in Diablo 2 + Necromancer, and Sacred 2 Inquistor


    I'm kinda partial to Roger Raccoon for my next hero, mainly because I like to plop down minions and Sentry guns, and lots gadget based gameplay

    Like POE and Sacred 2 Totem builds :P



    Midtown patrols are a GPU killer!

  6. Tried out the new patch, and the game is much better now :)


    Once you get out of the prologue area it really starts to feel like a superhero "Diablo" but with MMO feel, since you see other players running around and can fight with you in certain missions and the survival areas.


    Plenty of loot drops - can also buy heroes with ingame currency from drops

    IMO I think it feels better than Diablo 3 :P


    Lots of flashy effects and visual upgrades to be had, and floating damage numbers/criticals brings a tear to the eye :lol:


    Think I might play some more....


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