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  1. I'd like something with bubles and a kick and fizz please.......not a donkey ok!
  2. my sympathy! I got sucked in by wow online and accidentally got free. Now I have a life again!
  3. When I'm stuck ingame I run to the particular game forum for help to see if the question has already been answered. Problems are usually dealt with already by the time I get round to playing the game! Then I came across Sacred small talk. That was the most fun forum I came across. Long after a stopped playing the game I still remember the wonderful people I met and miss and some wonderful ones I still keep contact with...even following them to here. I LUUUURV you people!
  4. Hello all I just found the link again after reformatting! That is always traumatic for me....*sniff* Nice to be here again.
  5. HI all I am moderately mellow sipping el vino rojo! Enjoy the weekend!
  6. Hello everybody! erialc nagged me mercilessly so here I am! tadaa!
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