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  1. Great, that you added the skills, now I can stop searching for the exact moment in the video everytime I want to check it.
  2. Aah, lol I even knew that and still didnt realize how simple the solution could be Thanks for quick reply tho And on a sidenote, what would be to prefer in skill choices from now on? This is what I got atm: Ranged Weapon Concentration Tactics Lore Enhanced Perception Bargaining Revered Tech Focus Armor Lore I assume that you do need constitution, but after that im kinda stuck, I've no idea what to go for as 2 last choices.
  3. Doesnt Revered Tech Focus --> CA max level + -regen? Or does it increase the levels too? =/ im confused. That cant be the problem/solution, cause when I read more runes for BFG it does increase, and do skills really got a level cap?
  4. Well, what's really up is that my BFG gets boosted when I Equip +all skills, even tho none of the skills states that it should boost it, and its the only Combat art that gets boosted. Im not saying this is something wrong, its really incredible... But still would like to know if anyone know which particular skill boosts BFG, cause then I might be able to boost it in other ways too:) To make things clear, its the level/rank of BFG that gets higher, and not only the damage. I do know that Tactics Lore boosts its damage, but this is as said the level that gets higher. Edit: Hopefully
  5. I've checked, since lowest level on set item is level 15, you do first at level 14+ start to get set items from quests. Before that nothing good drops, so go go go level up level 15 chars.
  6. You really should look into the BFG guide on the Guide forums. And not using more then 1 hard point on tactics lore is a way to seriously gimp yourself, it should stay maxed at your character level all the time. Ranged skill on the other hand does just need 1 hard point due to BFG buff giving tons of +skill to it, the only way Tactics lore benefits from BFG is by the weapon which gives next to nothing compared to the given ranged skill.
  7. Im no "normy"!! Im the most insane person ever set its foot in these forums. Would also like my forum rank to be "Insane", tho "Crazy" could do, but then im afraid I'll have to start making spam posts in every forum.
  8. Atm im using RE/GR as buffs, and Scything Sweep/Demonic blow/Frenzied Rampage in a combo for mob clearing, and a solo Frenzied Rampage for bosses.
  9. Thanks just what I wanted to know
  10. On a sidenote, im planning on building a BFG seraphim too, all I really want to know is where to put the attributes.
  11. I better be letting loose the not so smart myself then.
  12. Hey. Since I come to the understanding of that Thoughness isnt needed for an GR using SW, I've decided to switch it out for something else. This is the skills im thinking of atm, to trade vs Thoughness. Riding (to make more use of my dear mount). Shield lore (to make the char an little less hitter but a real though guy to do damage vs). Blacksmith (simply for the forging alternatives). Other solution/tips is highly appreciated. This is the build im going for atm: tactics lore dwf hafted lore combat discipline concentration mcf armor lore constitution combat reflexes
  13. Yay, waiting for another week will be tough tho, I might go crazy on the way , hopefull you'll let crazy people into the clan.
  14. It was hardly 37 unlockables in the latest Sacred 2 official forum thread, more like 20. So if anyone with all 37 codes, would be so nice and PM me them, I'd be a very happy SW Due to being quite a beginner in the game, and with no higher toons to get some real nasty rares from, something of those 37 unlockables gotta be atleast some upgrade for me
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