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    I want to join Dark Matters because it's one of the few (And by that I mean only) Sacred communities I could find. I'd like to be part of it.
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  1. If you mean set up for it as in having the server software set up in then yes. I Administrate to a clan in a game called Battlefield Play4free. We have a server on a software called Raidcall. We play more then just FPSs though. (Atleast I do) So technically I'm set for any game. Out of respect for this community I'll withhold posting information about it as I know some communities don't like when others "Advertise" in their community without permission. EDIT : Brain.exe ERROR missing file in "Post.dll" (Basically I hit post before I should have xD)
  2. Everything is going great. Been smooth sailing recently. I have some time now to make a post so why not? What do some of you guys do/enjoy? Also. I was wondering if the community had a voice communication software such as Teamspeak Vent or some many others. I'm interested in what you guys do together and this like that. ~DEADLYPOTATOV98
  3. For all technical purposes I joined Dark Matters a couple weeks back. My uncle was in an accident at work involving a sizable work truck. (He's off the ventilator and doin just find now ) And now I've caught a cold so I decided with things relatively calm and the like now would be a good time to introduce myself. I started gaming at a young age. Infact my first game was Diablo 1 (The game is older then I am myself.. Wow.) My second was either Diablo 2 or Sacred 1. Can't quite remember anymore.. I'm very indiscriminate in game choice. I'll have as much fun playing a FPS as I will a RTS or RPG.
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